Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The New Cat is a Hater...

... of me.  And only me.  I think I am not going to enjoy this new cat as much as my people enjoy this new cat.  Probably the best thing about this new cat is how bat crazy the bat crazy cat is going to get once she finds out.  Maybe the bat crazy cat will focus on how this new cat is part of a bat crazy plan to take over the best part of the litter box and will stop making bat crazy comments about my people.

All I want to do is get a really good sniff of the new cat but the "No!" word is being used a lot.  A LOT.  And the squirt bottle is making an unwelcome appearance.  And this new cat hates me anyway.  So I am being pouty.  And I do not want to show you the new cat because you will like this new cat too and not find me as adorable as I was before the new cat got here.  I am still just as adorable.  And this pouty face on me is adorable too so do not forget that I am the adorable one here.

This new cat is not as adorable as you think.  Really.

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