Thursday, March 28, 2013

Old School Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

Boss is rolling her eyes at me.  You know this look, I think.

Boss says pretty-paper-picture-story pages that are not in pockets are not necessarily the "old school" words.  But I am the one writing this blog post, so I will be using the words I am choosing.  And I am choosing to use the "old school" words because I can.

Boss is muttering and is scrolling through her iPod for something called "The Smiths".  She says that if I am insisting on the "old school" words, then she will be doing the "owning it" words.  And then she said the "so there" words and stuck her tongue out at me.  Yes.  This is the "old school" words for sure!

Summer 2009 "Fore Them":  Boss uses BasicGrey POTM kit paper and does the "challenge" words from The ScrapRoom message board.  Boss had to use a page with pockets on it as inspiration.  But I will still call this the "old school" words because it is really just one piece of paper and not a lot.  Well.  It is actually a lot of pieces of paper, but Boss has piled them all up in one place.  Which is what Boss does.
Summer 2009 "Boy(s) of Summer":  Boss uses lots of ScrapRoom paper that is green on these pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  It is for another of the "challenge" words called Go Green.  And I think Boss was scared she might have to recycle something to do this challenge but it was only to use green paper and the most adorable photos of Talker and Player.  They are adorable, but I think inside they are secretly sad because I am not there yet.  In fact, I do not even think I was born yet!  Oh, very sad. 
Winter 2009 "Takayo's First Bracelet":  Boss used this paper and the "just for fun challenge" words from over at Cocoa Daisy for this pretty-paper-picture-story page.  Boss likes to play with the same paper as her friends, and likes to get inspiration from everywhere, but Boss is starting to wonder if she could possibly have too much paper now.  And too many ideas.  (This would have been a sign of the apocalypse last year but I am much smarter about that now.  But those statements are startling, are they not?)  Boss says it is too hard to play with all of the paper everywhere all of the time and not take me for walks or cook food for the boybarians.  Boss wishes for more time in the day but it is not happening.  Even if she stomps her foot!
Fall 2011 "With Time Comes Amazing Change":  Boss did two things at the same time with this pretty-paper-picture-story page.  She did a challenge at The ScrapRoom message board about choosing her own challenge (what?  I know, right?) and the My Mind's Eye Sketch Challenge.  This is called the "double dipping" words and is more socially acceptable than the kind where a bunch of people are sharing one bowl of salsa.  Do not ask how I know this.
Valentine's Day 2013 "Valentine's 4 Boybarians":  Of course Boss made a pretty-paper-picture-story page of the pictures she made of Player, Talker, and Big One.  That is how Boss rolls.  Boss used pink flowery paper from The ScrapRoom and the boybarians did not seem to mind.  I think they were maybe still buzzing on all that sugar Boss gave them. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boss Says We Live In A Wildlife Safari

And she is not talking about the boybarians this time!  Or me.  Or the bat crazy cat.  Or even this new cat.  No, Boss is talking about the animals that Boss and Big One see when they get in the car without me and drive who knows where and are gone all day and then I forget that I am not allowed on the furniture and then they come back home and surprise me and then I get a little embarrassed when I suddenly remember I am on the chair of Boss and should not be.

Boss will probably put these pictures in pockets later but I will not be waiting for them.  I am tired of waiting for the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages that are in pockets to be done so I can show them to you.  There are many teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages that are in pockets done already, but Boss says no.  Not an emphatic no with a frowny forehead face and hands on hips.  But a no of the kind that means "no, not until all of them are done because I am in the middle of telling a story and it would create confusion and worry if I start the story and do not finish it" with a smile and a nice scritchy-scritch right in that one spot behind my ears.  But then I remember I heard the words "confusion and worry" and now I am confused and worried!  But Boss says it is okay.  And that it will be clearer later, it is just that sometimes stories take time to tell.  I do not understand this at all.  I tell stories all the time.  They are concise and to the point.

Boss is making a throat-clearing noise that means the "get on with it" words.  So I will.  Concise and to the point!

These are swans.  They are not very good to eat because they eat mud, I guess.  (Boss says to be sure to point out that this statement is noted as an opinion and not a fact.  So, I will say that it is my opinion that they are not very good to eat.  Just to be very clear.)  And they are really not pretty right now but Boss says that is how swans are this time of year and she should know because she got schooled on swan-stuff by peoples she knows.  So now Boss is all uppity about her swan knowledge. 
I think if you look really closely at this picture of the snow taken right after the sun came up, you can see little footprints.  Boss and Big One thinks it is fox feet that made these prints.  They have seen a fox near here before and Boss would love to see it again since she now has her camera with her everywhere she goes.
This mink is running in the yard of a place called "work".  Boss and Big One go to this yard a lot and do not get yelled at to go away already so the "work" people must be really quite friendly.  I should try to find it sometime to see if they have any extra bacon they would like to share.
These are turkeys.  They look like they taste delicious.  This is my opinion.  But Boss says it is also a fact.  Boss says it is also a fact that these turkeys were so busy being fluffy that they did not get out of the way of a very large semi-truck so all the cars and trucks had to slow way down and go around these fluffy tasty turkey birds.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boss Rocks the Mini

Um, what?

Seriously people.  Try living here.  I think Boss speaks English words.  I am pretty sure of it.  But I am very much not so sure sometimes.

Boss rocking the mini makes no sense.  She cannot play the guitar and dirt and stuff is not allowed anywhere near the good stuff of Boss.  So it must be some kind of the words young people use nowadays and Boss is not aware of how old she really is.  Perhaps it is the "mid-life crisis" words I have been hearing about.  Excuse me while I quick check the Rolling Stone magazine in the bathroom.

Ah yes.  Boss is trying to be hip.  (She also is hogging the magazine.  And saying that Billie Joe is hotness.  I am not so sure about that.  He looks to be an average temperature.)


If you have been able to find Boss at Evalicous, then you will have seen a few of these pages in this mini.  That is what I will be calling "a sneak peek" because I have the "full exclusive content" words for you today!  (See, I have learned something from reading Rolling Stone and other magazines around here.)  Enjoy this in depth look at the mini of Boss and then you can like us on Facebook!  Actually, no, you cannot.  I got carried away.  Facebook is a topic for another day.  (After I figure it out.)

This is a "Love You To Pieces" Evalicous mini that Boss added My Mind's Eye The Sweetest Thing paper to.  And some other cardstock and alpha stickers and twine and ribbons and things.  Which are completely boring to me unless I get to eat them.  And Boss said the "no" word, very emphatically, even though this mini is on a plate.  I so do not get this woman.  And I am not going to say stuff for every picture because there are a lot of them.  A LOT.  I do not type very fast, so this would be the "hardship" words.
I do not have anything to say about this picture except that it is redundant.
Boss is not adorable.  But I am.
Boss is very much excitedness about doing the reverse diecut thingy with the Silhouette monster.  I am not a fan.
Boss did this page over many times.  There was a hate thing happening.  I left the room.  I was going to check for intruders, I think.  Because that would be more friendly than Boss at the time.
Boss loves messes and recipe cards.  And me.  But I am not in these pictures for some reason.
I have nothing to say about this page.  Remember, I am not going to comment on all the pictures.  There are too many.
Boss made Talker write on this page.  She was nervous.  I am not sure why.  I think Talker said only nice things.
Yes, I was right!  Talker is such a good story teller!
So I am not happy.  This is puppy chow but they did not let me have any.  NONE.  I will be calling my congressman.  Once I figure out how to use the phone.  Hm.  Perhaps a simple e-mail will suffice.
Oh.  Boss got some pink in here.  Not a fan.  Moving on.
Talker is a little tall in this picture.  He says it is because his clothes are too small.  I do not understand this.
Um, yes.  The gluten free rolls were not good.  I smelled them when they got dumped in the trash.  Even I have standards.
I am not commenting on this love note.  It is mushy.  I am not a fan of mushy.  Unless the mush is directed my way, but it is NOT.  Moving along!
This is how Boss cheats AND is mean.  She made a menu for Big One for Christmas and then took it back from him and put it in this book as a page.  So Big One did not even get to keep his Christmas present.
I have nothing to say about this page.
Bacon.  Enough said.  HAHAHA!  It is exactly what Boss said!  I am a genius.
Boss wrote the word "butt" and has a picture of meat.  This is my most favorite page of this mini!  That is an exclusive comment from me.  I will be tweeting about that later.  Oh.  Wait.  No.  I will not.  I do not know how to tweet.  I got a little carried away again with my social media references.
The meat is here again but is not quite as delicious.  I am a fan of meat with blood.  But in a pinch, I will eat meat that is cooked.  Or stolen.
This page is also one that I will not be making a comment about.  It is hard to be clever all the time.
Big One enjoys the milk glass, I think.  Apparently the collection in the cabinet is belonging to Big One and not Boss like I thought.  Oh, what?  Oh.  Boss put the arrow in the wrong place.  Big One likes moose.  Meese.  Mouses.  Whatever.
So Boss loves me.  She wrote it for all the world to see.  I *am* pretty much marvelousness.
Boss is using the "sense of humor" words here.  That explains why Boss has a blue thumb also.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The March Reveal Is Happened

Boss says the title of my post is wrong.  But it is not.

The ScrapRoom reveal is happened.  I can show you.  See?

Boss says that I am right, but I typed it wrong.  But I did not.

The ScrapRoom reveal is happened.  All of those are words.  I even used the goodest grammar.

Boss says that I am doing a wonderful job and is going to go make some popcorn.  Boss is laughing because I am the bestest dog ever and I make her very happy!

Elle's Studio Day to Day:  This is a great pretty-paper-picture-story page!  It is all about blood and stuff!  And Boss when she was small and cute.  Uh.  Because now Boss is tall and gorgeous now!  Small and cute is not very great.  (Boss is giving me the squinty eyeball look but I think I did a good job of the "sucking up" words.)
More words cut with the loud and scary Silhouette monster.  Not even popcorn can make me brave enough to stay with Boss when the noises happen.  I mean, if I was telling a story about a not very brave dog, this is what I would say.  I am awesomeness and would never leave the side of Boss.  Except when I get thirsty from the popcorn and I have to go get a drink and maybe that is when the monster noises happen.
So if you think that little speech bubble and stickers are very awesomeness, I am going to tell you a secret.  The secret is that Boss tried to write on the paper and messed it up and had to find something to cover it.  It turned out better this way says Boss.  Boss calls it the "serendipity" word.  I say "are you kidding me?  we do not make up words around here."
Boss made a planner because she is not capable of dealing with unstructured free time.  That is what she said.  I know, crazy, right?  I am totally comfortableness with doing what I want when I want.  I am pretty much perfect like that.
A date is something you do when you have time off of work and need to go buy toilet parts from Menards.  If you get a fancy coffee before the toilet parts and lunch after the toilet parts, that makes the toilet parts very much a minor thing and then the day out is a date.  I think this is how it works for married people.  People who are not married have better dates than this.
Some of the last little bits of the Elle's Studio kit made a card.  I ate a few of the other bits that fell on the floor and Boss said that was okay.  I thought they were popcorn at first.
American Crafts My Girl (and one sheet of Echo Park Paper Photo Freedom):  Boss made this using The ScrapRoom sketch for March.  She made this pretty-paper-picture-story page two times.  The first time was pretty awfulness.  And made Boss say swear words.  But Boss peeled the picture and words card off one piece of grey cardstock and stuck it on another piece of grey cardstock and it was suddenly wonderfulness.
Boss made washi tape out of paper.  Because she does not seem to have enough washi tape already.  Whatever.
More of the ridiculous washi tape made out of paper.  Sewing on it does not make it any better.
This is an extra big pretty-paper-picture-story page for The ScrapRoom.  It is a double 12x12 which is pretty big for Boss, but is the most perfect size for a recipe card.  Whatever that means.  Boss is into adorable little 8.5x11 size pretty-paper-picture-story pages so it hurts her brain a little to work bigger.  And then it hurts her brain some more to take it apart and make it small to fit into her books.  But that is what Boss likes to do.  And it is a good idea to not question Boss about pretty-paper-picture-story pages because she says she knows what she is doing, and then gives you the frowny forehead face.
Boss loves the pleated and stitched paper.  It makes her giggle.  I have seen this.  A lot.  A LOT!
This card has almost all of the last bits of the American Crafts kit on it.  Boss did have a few extra but I did not get to eat those.  I think they went directly into the recycle bin.  Boss was sad.  Boss really liked this kit even though Player and Talker were not happy to be on pages with pink and flowers.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boss Says Crops Are Awesomeness

So Boss did another crop thing at The ScrapRoom last weekend.  I know this because she spent a lot of time telling me about it.  Before it happened.  While it was happening.  And now it is over and she wants to tell me about how to write the blog post for it.

But I am being stubborness and not listening.  I will be writing my blog post my way.  This is called "being assertive."  I am liking it very much!

So while Boss natters on and on about the crop, I will be showing you the pretty-paper-picture-story pages she made in all the challenges.  Oh, and I am wagging my tail.  I used the word "natters" and it is making me smile a big doggie smile because it is a funny word to type.  Try it.  You will like it!

Sketch Challenge:  This is a page|maps sketch.  No, I am not listening to Boss.  I am just able to recognize sketches of awesomeness when I see them.  And there is Boss, all small and cute and trying to choke Brother-of-Boss.  I think she did that a lot.  A LOT.
Die Cut & Stamp Challenge:  Boss used the scary-loud Silhoutte monster to cut the title and used a delicious Evalicious stamp, too.  Hey, speaking of delicious Evalicious stamps... Laney, your delicious stamps are still sitting here!  And I checked.  They are still very delightfully tasty. 
Recipe Challenge:  You see the "recipe" word and you think food.  Well, I do.  But I was sad and disappointed and mopey when it turns out that recipe challenges only make pretty-paper-picture-story pages with a sketch, a banner, a type of fabric, and two stamps.  And even though one stamp was a delicious Evalicious one, it was still not the same as having cookies or Cool Ranch Doritos.
Mojo Challenge:  This was the challenge of Boss.  Boss said to go read this blog post and use one of the ways to get mojo to make a pretty-paper-picture-story page.  Mojo is not delicious.  I figured that out right away.  Anyway, Boss used the grids and strips method for her example.  I am still wishing I had a cookie.
Typography Challenge:  Okay, so I am really liking this pretty-paper-picture-story page about food!  Typography means food, I am sure of it.  In fact, I think it is a special word that means special food like pierogies.  And I am going to point out to you that the spell-checker for Blogger thinks that pierogies is spelled wrong and should be "groupies" instead but I am thinking that Blogger is not smart enough to know about important things like typography and pierogies and deliciousness like that.
All About Me Challenge:  Boss could not stay away from the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  I am giving her my sad puppy-dog eyes.  I think she must be addicted to the pocket pages and Evalicious goodies.  I think addiction is bad.  Except maybe when it involves french poodles.  Or white chocolate truffles.
Quote Challenge:  Boss had to go find a quote thing over at this blog and use it.  She did, but then chose to totally mess up a perfectly good picture of herself with the pixlr-o-matic picture-destroyer-thing.  If I could find that application on her desktop, I would delete it.  I am not a fan.  The pocket holds secret journaling.  I do not know what it says.  That is what the "secret" word means.
All of this paper is from The ScrapRoom.  Except I think the last one, which is from BasicGrey's Page of the Month Kit.  Which Boss gets from The ScrapRoom.  I am too lazy to tell you what paper came from what kit, though.  I am tired and need to find a sunbeam to sleep in.  Good night!