Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August Sneaks are Here!

Um. Let me just tell you that the cat is bat crazy and it was not my idea to let her post. I do not care if she is bored of wearing a cone and tired of living in the bathroom for two weeks. I do not care if the pain medication may be making her a little more bat crazy than normal (I can not tell the difference but Boss says I should give her the "benefit of the doubt" which means to mind my own business and not be so grumpy about it). I do not care if the bat crazy cat knows how to type. She is bat crazy and should not be allowed to blog. I think. But Boss said to let her, so I did. I did this because I love Boss and I will do whatever I can to make her and my people happy, even letting a bat crazy cat write a blog post and make bat crazy statements about MY PEOPLE.

Anyway. Enough about the bat crazy cat.

Boss is very excited, and as usual it is about her pretty-paper-picture-story pages. She is sometimes simple like that. Takes simple to know simple, and I am a very simple dog. Boss is excited about the words "August Sneaks" and "The ScrapRoom". Boss has been making pretty-paper-picture-story pages for The ScrapRoom since May. Actually, I think it is important to tell you that Boss has been making pretty-paper-picture-story pages for The ScrapRoom since I have lived here. I think that is a very interesting coincidence that the bat crazy cat should investigate instead of the bat crazy things that the bat crazy cat thinks about. I think it is very clear that Boss has become a designer for The ScrapRoom because I have brought being creative and cutting paper and making messes to my people! Boss is ecstatic about this idea! Boss says that "ecstatic" is not exactly the word she would use to describe this idea. But I think it is close enough. My vocabulary is very awesome good.

If you want to see the pretty-paper-picture-story page Boss made for the "August Sneak" word, you can go here and find it. (See how clever I am? I know how to make clever linky things so you can spend countless hours on the internet clicking and reading and following and clicking and reading and following and clicking clicking clicking.) Or you can just stay here and see the pretty-paper-picture-story page and make it even bigger by clicking on it. See, I am clever again! You do not have to go anywhere to do the clicking clicking clicking!

It is some kind of secret about the kind of paper that Boss used. I think this is silly. I think it is not much of a secret. I will tell you that the paper is from The ScrapRoom and that it comes in a kit, which is another word for "bunch of paper." The paper is paper that is shipped with other paper. I do not think this is much of a surprise. I think a surprise would be to get paper delivered with meaty bones and delicately rotting lake weeds! Oh! That would be a wonderful surprise indeed! Now Boss is making a frowny forehead face at me. Boss says the *kind* of paper is the surprise part. This is still not very surprising to me. I will point out that the paper is flat, square, and smells slightly of coffee. And it has patterns on it. Not very surprising, although the coffee smell is pleasant. Boss says I should move on so I do not spoil the surprise. I do not understand what is surprising about paper, but I will do as Boss suggests so she will stop making that face at me.

I am now feeling a little sad that I have not shared the other sneaky although not-very-surprising pretty-paper-picture-story pages that Boss did for The ScrapRoom. But since I know how to make clever linky things, I will make it happen now. Boss says I can also say what kind of paper these pretty-paper-picture-story pages were made from because they are no longer surprises. I can not say that I think any of this makes sense or seems surprising. This is paper. It is flat, square, and has patterns on it. Not surprising. The coffee smell is pleasant but clearly the result of the coffee sample that comes with the paper. Not a surprise. Even a simple dog can figure that out. Oh. I have thought of something that might be a surprise. People are maybe more simple than I thought. I will ask the bat crazy cat to consider this and get back to me.   

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