Monday, July 30, 2012

Boss Gets Carded

Oh!  See that!  You have that "what did that fool dog just say?" look on your face!  That is because I was very clever with my title, yes I was.  It is a funny title because everyone knows that Boss is so old that no one will ask her how old she is but you were looking at the title wondering what I was talking about anyway.  Yes.  I am clever!

And so is Boss!  She has made cards for the The ScrapRoom that are different than the cards that Boss usually makes for The ScrapRoom.  Oh.  I see that I have not done a very good job here.  I will have to show you the other cards that Boss makes for The ScrapRoom sometime.  Oh.  And the other cards that Boss has made, especially the Cosmo Cricket ones.  I think I should point out that Cosmo Cricket is a silly name.  Boss is making a frowny forehead face at me now.  Boss says that animals named after rocks should not call names at paper manufacturers.  Especially ones that Boss likes.  Oh.  That is a good point.  But maybe Cosmo Cricket should think about adding "Grey" to their name somewhere.  What?  Oh.  Boss is looking at me again and saying that my idea has already been done and to move on before I become offensive.  What?  I do not understand.  I am a very simple dog and I am just trying to do this blog post.  I do not need all the frowny forehead help.  No, I do not.

It is very big news over at The ScrapRoom today.  I have gotten an email that shows the cards that Boss makes that everyone can make, too.  What?  You have that look on your face again.  I am not being silly.  This is not so hard to believe is it?  Yes, I get email.  I write a blog.  This is not that big of a surprise.  You will not believe how simple all of this really is.  Now pay attention.  The cards that Boss makes that you can make too are available in a kit at The ScrapRoom.  Remember, a kit is paper.  The paper is paper that is shipped with other paper.  Do not roll your eyes at me.  We established this fact last week.  And for some reason this paper is not secret paper.  I do not pretend to understand this at all. 

Go here to see the cards that Boss made that you can make too.  After you follow my clever little linky thing, you can have some very close looks at the cards that Boss made that you can make too.  I think looking at the cards very close is almost like smelling them.  But not quite, because they do not smell like anything much except paper.  And a little bit of coffee.  No dead snails.  I am quite sad.