Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boss is a Fan of Organizing

Boss is very very very excited right now.  She is making happy squealing noises and it is not just because she found where she hid the very good white chocolate she got for Christmas.  Boss is super happy because Big One has made sawdust everywhere in her room!  Yes, for real.  And Big One told her to have fun cleaning it up and then he walked away and Boss let him live!!!  I know!!!  This is epic crazy insanely odd!

But Boss will get all forgiving like this when the "organizing" words are used.  And if Big One helps her, Boss gets even more happy and forgiving and is inclined to make popcorn for no reason because it means that the power tools are being used and big things are happening.  Even if I get a little scared of the noise of the power tools.  Well.  I am maybe pretending to be scared because I am not a teacup chihuahua and weak and helpless and shivering under the nearest bed because of a little power tool noise.  I am only pretending to be scared to take advantage of the popcorn.

So Boss and Big One have been putting shelves and organizers in the scraproom of Boss.  And Boss is super duper extra excited that the washi tape holder and this new organizer of the ink things are now ON THE WALL.  I am not that excited about it, but that is how Boss is talking about it.  She gets louder and happier when she says ON THE WALL and then I come out from under the bed because I think she is talking to me but she is not.  She is only very excited about the holder things that she got from Stamp-n-Storage.  She is now going on and on and on about actually being super happy that the Stamp-n-Storage place is near here and she can go there and see all the cool power tools working and making more stuff that she needs and that they can hang ON THE WALL.

Boss is pretty much a girly girl but she does like the power tools.  She can have them.

The new shelves and the washi tape holder and this new organizer of the ink things and all of the other things that Boss is really really really excited about having out.  Boss has been listing all of these things to anyone who will listen so I have it memorized already.  So... here are all the things Boss is happy about having out:  soldering iron, mists, date stamps, glitter, chalk inks, Distress inks, regular inks, Versamark ink (enough with the ink already), craft mat, embossing powder, heat gun, light, stamp cleaner, and lightbox.  And maybe white chocolate, but that is not in this picture.
The tasty washi tape!  Actually, I do not care for it, but this new cat enjoys pulling the tape and eating it.  Boss is not thrilled about this.
The ink things that make Boss giggle.  I do not understand this.
Boss uses some washi tape.  It is not an accident that she is using the math tape.  Math is coolness.
Boss shows how easy it is to take ink things out of the holder of ink things.  Almost like it was designed for ink things.  (This is the "sarcasm" word.  I am working on this new word.  It is fun!)  This holder is meant to only hold Distress ink but Boss was never very good at following instructions.  And she says the Stamp-n-Storage people will never know.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boss is Everywhere

So I have been doing a little surfing.  Not the cool California kind of surfing with shaggy hair and driving background music and periodic slow motion photography.  No, the kind where if I am not very careful, I end up at websites that feature french poodles.  I do not know how this happens.  I really do not.  I think my browser must have a virus.  And not the zombie virus that the bat crazy cat has been focused on lately.  Just a word of advice:  do not come over here if you have dry skin.  Because the bat crazy cat is certain you have the zombie virus and you have started to decompose and your skin is falling right off.  And I know this is bat crazy, and you know this is bat crazy, and even this new cat knows this is bat crazy, but there is no reasoning with the bat crazy cat.  And winter lasts forever around here and the dry skin lasts just that long too, so we have many months of the zombie virus being the next horrible thing to befall this family.  It is ridiculous.

Anyway, I have been surfing.  And I have been very impressed with Boss, because I have found Boss out on the internets.  I am impressed and surprised because she is really not that clever with the whole blog and internets thing.  She tends to fake it and mostly gets lucky.  But that is just between you and me and we will not be discussing how she accidentally deleted the blog post of somebody else.  Somebody not her.  And somebody not her people.  So it was really quite dramatic that day and Boss was a little teary about it. 

The first place I found Boss was over at The ScrapRoom.  Boss does a challenge over there where she wants you dig around for scraps and turn them into pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  This time it involves the "flower" word which is not so much my favorite thing so I will make a link and show you the pretty-paper-picture-story page Boss made and move on.
Boss is cute as a little girl.  And Boss says to not do the math on the date.  It must be some kind of typo.
Next, Boss was being the "inspiration" and "tutorial" words at Evalicious.  Boss cheated, I think, because she showed the same project two times.  This is called the "milking it" words.  But Boss thinks this is clever.  And tells me that the posts are two different things altogether and then she suggested that both of the readers of this blog could go and decide for themselves.  (Boss is now being insulting so I am AGAIN just going to make a link and another link and show you the paper thing that Boss made and move on AGAIN.)
This is a perpetual reminder calendar.  I think this means "tasty paper covered with tasty things" and I will test my theory later when Boss is not looking.
Finally, I found Boss over at Cocoa Daisy.  She won a prize for her pretty-paper-picture-story page about feeding us rocks!  I think the standards over at the Cocoa Daisy place must be pretty low for such a mean pretty-paper-picture-story page to win a nice prize like Boss won.  I am considering doing the "protest" word but I am not sure it will do much good as Boss tells me it is too late, and that I did not understand the pretty-paper-picture-story page that she made and that it is actually very quite nice from several angles.  So I think I will once again just cut to the link and the pretty-paper-picture-story page and go to bed and dream of french poodles. 
See?  It is about rocks.  And that is not wonderful.  Good night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have Been Doing Some Math

Do not be startled.  Math is really not that complicated even for a simple dog like myself.  Dogs use math all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  We are very into numbers and logic.  For example:
20 pound ham + 8 people = plenty of leftovers to find and steal
n(1 + washi tape) = the amount of washi tape that would be perfect according to Boss, when Boss has "n" amount of washi tape already
1 washi tape = too many in my opinion
Boss + Project Life = ridiculous amount of tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages
And I think Boss is aware of this because she sat and stared at the next tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages and made a very subtle frowny face.  This is not good.  Boss is making frowny faces at tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages which does not lead to happiness for anybody.  Because the next thing you know, Boss will be going through some kind of "personal crisis" words and will become the "drama queen" words and the "overwrought" word although those last ones are the words that Big One uses and then tells Player and Talker to "not repeat that or I'm going to get into a lot of trouble" and then all of them quietly get up and leave the house and go hide in the shop.

Because this is the math I have been doing:  Boss has made 3 and a half tiny tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages and it is halfway through January.  This is 7 per month.  And um... that is... a lot - A LOT - in a whole year!  Like, more than the amount of trouble I got into for stealing that ham.

But now Boss is saying the "I don't really care" words and the "I'm having fun" words and the "let's make popcorn!" words.  OH BOY!  I love popcorn.  And Boss is terrible messy with popcorn.  Which is delightful.  And I do not need any math to figure that out!

Boss has gone backwards in time just like she said she would.  Now I understand.  This is before I was around so it is not very important even if it is about love.
Oh, look at Player!  He is so small and cute!  But he was secretly wishing for a dog even then.  I know this.  He told me.
And now this is what happened last week.  Boss has a glamorous life and these pictures prove it.  Although she is making yet another yarn thing and ALSO used washi tape on these tiny tiny tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages.  So I am not so much a fan. 
You know what is missing from these tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages?  Me.  It is a horrible oversight.  I must be discussing this with Boss.
This is most of the stuff Boss used because I do not want to list out things like staples and paperclips and for goodness sakes I think you have some cardstock and alpha sticker things that will be just fine:
     BasicGrey Konnichiwa POTM kit
     Tada Bountiful Blooms kit from The ScrapRoom
     My Mind's Eye Gertie kit from The ScrapRoom
     Evalicious tasty things:
          Tags:  Love You Lots, This & That, Documented, So Daily
          Badge Buttons:  Real Life, So Daily
          Stamp: This Is Rad

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boss Turns Life Into a Project

Remember when Boss was excited about Segways and making rules and pockets?  It was all in this post here.  And I am now maybe understanding the whole Project Life thing.  I think.  I think it is a way for Boss to make pretty-paper-picture-story pages just like always but to trick people into thinking she is actually working on something complicated and special and that she must be left alone and can not possibly do dishes but could someone bring her a drink, please?  I have observed this happening.  And I have seen these Project Life things and I think it must be some kind of scheme on the part of Boss.  And I am not talking to the bat crazy cat about it because she is still giving me a really hard time about the whole "end of the world" misunderstanding that I had.

So Boss is happy to show you these Project Life things.  And I am happy to point out that Boss is a total cheater and only put the tiny pretty-paper-picture-story pages on top of the pocket things and not inside of them.  Cheater cheater cheater!  Neener neener neener!  Oh.  Dear.  Boss is not taking fondly to my attitude, she says.  She says that friend-the-Tallandstately taught her that trick because then the Project Life things photograph better.  She says to "mind my manners" and "watch it, mister" before I lose my internet privileges.  Again.

The very first Project Life thing that Boss ever made.  I think it is pretty-paper-picture-story pages disguised as something not very clever.  I am not a fan.  But... I am a fan of bacon!  Except I do not remember getting to eat bacon that day.
Well this explains what happened to Talker!  I will be sure to tell the bat crazy cat that Boss expects him to return.  The bat crazy cat will be disappointed.  And will probably start wearing the tin foil hat again.
Boss has asked me to start making a list of all the things she uses to make pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards and these tiny pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  I am not getting a raise of any kind for doing this extra work.  But Boss is giving me the "mind your manners" speech again and is asking me how I like pepperoni and would I miss it if I never got any again?  Oh.  I see.  Threats and bribery.  I would protest but I think Boss is very clever.  Very.

This is most of the stuff Boss used because I do not want to list out things like staples and paperclips and for goodness sakes I think you have some cardstock and alpha sticker things that will be just fine:
     My Mind's Eye The Sweetest Thing kit from The ScrapRoom
     BasicGrey Wander POTM kit 
     Evalicious tasty things:
          Tags:  Real Life, Love You Lots, This & That, Snip-Snip
          Badge Buttons:  Real Life, Hotel Signs
          Stamp:  Go.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boss Says To Worry

So Boss has made another wall thing for her scrap room.

She got the idea from the people over at the Message Board at The ScrapRoom.  Except I do not think that Boss really understood what was going on because this wall thing seems wrong.  It is supposed to be a word that is an important word.  A good word.  An honorable word.  A word that deserves lots of thinking about.  Like "ham" or "fart" or "pepperoni" or "car" or "walk" or "dead thing" (but that last one was actually two words; it is just an example).

Boss made a wall thing with a word on it that is actually a word she does not like. 

Boss says it is actually a good word because it is silly and a counterpoint to what she actually wants to do.  And she says that it will startle her into thinking about how the word is actually a bad word.  What?  I know.  She said it was a good word because it is actually a bad word.  It is really hard to live here and keep up with what is going on sometimes.  Apparently, the Bible verse hanging on the tag thingy is what turns the bad word into a good word or whatever it is that Boss said.

Now, I am a simple dog.  But this I understand.  I have eaten the Bible.  It is delicious.  When it happened, Big One said I was now filled with the spirit and that made Boss laugh.  And then she gave me the frowny forehead face that was the same as before Big One made her laugh.  But the Bible is good for many things like that.  So I guess this word thing makes sense.  A little.

Do not actually follow this instruction.  Boss is trying to be clever.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Reveal Day!

Happy new pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards to you!  Boss made a pile of stuff for you to look at while she was having the "Christmas" word with the parents of Boss.  Boss did all of this with what fit in a pizza box and the paper that is paper shipped with other paper from The ScrapRoom. Yes, the paper from The ScrapRoom comes with paper.  And other paper.  And other stuff that is sometimes tasty but will irritate Boss if you eat it.  And you do not need many other things if you have this papery paper stuff from The ScrapRoom.  So here are the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that Boss made for The ScrapRoom.  And then go to The ScrapRoom and look at the other pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that the rest of the design team peoples made!

Fancy Pants Hopscotch:  "Grandma's Garden" and The ScrapRoom sketch for January! 
This is some of the stuff that Boss does not like me to eat.  But the buttons are so very tasty.  And so is the chipboard!  But not the twine so much.
Fancy Pants Hopscotch:  "Lego Invasion"
More of the stuff that you should not eat if you want to be friends with Boss.  Just saying.  To be helpful.
Fancy Pants Hopscotch:  thank you card 
Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings:  "Storm Warning" and The ScrapRoom sketch for January!
Boss just rips stuff and thinks it looks nice.  I am not a fan so much.  Because if I rip the paper of Boss, she gets the frowny forehead face and makes yelling noises.
More of the tasty stuff that comes in The ScrapRoom paper paper paper stuff.  But not the staples.  Boss took those from her mom.  She did ask first, though.
Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings:  "The Blue Mound Rock Wall"
Boss had some pieces left over that she cut up and folded in half and made a decoration out of.  This is a little clever except I think I heard her say that one of these came out of the trash.
Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings:  happy birthday card for the grandma of Boss.  Happy Birthday, grandma of Boss!