Friday, November 30, 2012

Look, a Squirrel!

Ha ha!  Made you look!  Oh, that is really funny and I am wagging my tail.  A lot.  A LOT.  But I am not wagging my tail at you, I am wagging my tail with you.  Right?  Yes, I thought so.

I was trying to come up with a clever way to tell you about the December reveal happening over at The ScrapRoom but I could not think of anything and Boss is not very helpful because she is the "busy" word and the "playing with yarn" words and the "seriously annoyed that the dog can not come up with a title all by himself" words and "I am not talking to the dog because his breath smells like that dead bird he just ate" words.

So I will leave Boss and her drama to herself.

But it was the words of Boss that made me think of the title, so I am thinking I am actually clever for getting her to help me after all!  Boss said the "dead bird" words and then I thought of other things that are delicious and delightful and lots of things came to mind.  Some I have mentioned before, like dead snails and happythankfulgivingness hams and hamburger wrappers and buttons and fish sandwiches.  Others I have not mentioned before, like squirrels, but that is just because there are so many delicious things in the world and I have not tasted them all.  Yet.

Speaking of delicious things I have not tasted yet, you can go to The ScrapRoom and see the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that Boss and the rest of the team made for December.  And then come back here and try to find the squirrel in these up close pictures that Boss made of her pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  I bet that you do not find it.  Yes I am wagging my tail a lot.  A LOT!

That is not a squirrel.
That is not a squirrel.
And that is not a squirrel.  I can not believe you actually thought there was a squirrel in these pictures.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Evalicious Friends!

So Boss tells me that we might be getting some new friends coming over from Evalicious today!  That means she wants me to be clear that this is the right blog to be coming to so that people do not click on the link from Evalicious and come here and then notice that this blog is not exactly what they were expecting and then click back to Evalicious and then click on the link there and come back here and say "I don't know what's going on, but I'm trying to get to Theresa's blog and I keep linking up to a blog that is apparently written by a dog with questionable grammar and atrocious run-on sentences."  Because that would be sad because you are in the right place!  And I am saying hello to you!  And I apologize in advance for my grammar but I do say right up in the upper right-hand corner of this blog that I am simple.  This means I get what is called "a free pass" for all that grammar stuff.

But I am maybe not being very clear.  I am maybe not being very clear because I am quite excited because Boss is jumping up and down and squealing girly little squeals and flapping her hands and making happy smiley faces at everyone this week because she is going to be designing for the Evalicious design team!  YES!!!  Can you believe it???  Boss is awesomeness.  She really, really is, and I hope you love her as much as I do.  Well.  Except she is not going to take you for walks or let you eat dead snails when she is not looking or let you sit in the car just for fun.

Go here and see what the fuss is all about.  I think you should buy me some of the new stamps because Boss is not letting me use her credit cards after what happened last time.
So I am saying hello to you and I am wagging my tail and am really REALLY happy for Boss that she gets to be hanging out with you and playing with Evalicious stuff!  Welcome to this blog and feel free to scroll and read and click to make pictures bigger and just have fun.  Because having fun is what we are about.  Oh, and cupcakes.  We are about the cupcakes.  Well.  Boss is about the cupcakes and I am hoping to someday have one.  But Boss is reminding me of the ham I just stole so I will be quiet about the cupcakes for a little bit longer. 

Oh.  One more thing.  I should warn our new Evalicious friends to not read the guest blogger posts.  They are completely the idea of Boss and sometimes, like this time, her ideas are not that clever.  That is because asking the bat crazy cat and this new cat to write blog posts results in terrible insulting posts that are poorly done and full of lies.  So maybe our new friends should not read those posts at all.  And maybe our old friends and peoples should not read them either.  In fact no one should read those posts.

So thank you for coming over to the blog of Boss.  She is still very super excited and keeps saying the "awesomeness!" word.  I think she will be like that for a very long time.  And that is awesomeness!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steal a Ham! And Watch Sneak Week Happen!

With all the excitement of cookie eating, and stealing the ham, and then having a big accident on the carpet in the middle of the night (it might have been the ham)... I totally forgot it was sneak week over at The ScrapRoom until Boss poked me with her toe and told me to crawl out from under the cabinet where the heat comes out and to get the blog post written already.  Oh goodness.  I am a little feeling not well and maybe should learn my lesson about stealing hams but OH MY GOODNESS HAVE YOU EVER SMELLED A HAM?????  How does a very simple dog not steal a ham when he is given the opportunity to sneak out to where it is sitting and just taste it a little?  Or a lot, perhaps?  Heaven.  HEAVEN.

But now Boss is watching me carefully and has given the "no table scraps for the dog" words to all of the people here so I will be crawling back under the cabinet and curling up next to where the heat comes out.  And hoping to feel better.  And maybe getting another crack at the ham that Boss and Big One managed to save.  So go look at the December Sneak Peeks over at The ScrapRoom.  Here is the first one by Boss to get you going:

The pretty-paper-picture-story page that Boss made using the October Afternoon Midway kit from The ScrapRoom.  It is a picture of Big One before he got Big!
Boss likes to fuss and cut and do those words at the same time.  And sew.  And pile on layers.  But those do not have special words beyond "enough already" and "you can not make a page any thicker than that!"
Except when Boss can make the pages thicker by using flairs.  She giggled about this flair.  She also giggled about the Sew Easy banners that came with her kit.  She was very much loving those!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is my new favorite word!  It has the words "happy" and "thankful" and "Thanksgiving" in them, which are all great words because the "Thanksgiving" word is all about being happy and thankful and decorating!  But "happythankfuldecoratinginvingness" is not easy to type or read and is on the slightly ridiculous side so I will stick with "happythankfulgivingness" and just tell you about the decorating part separately.

Boss says that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday and based on the food that is here (oh please Mr. Larry can I have one more cookie???) and the people that my people love who are here (did you know Mr. Larry will feed me all the cookies I want if I look at him with my adorableness?) and the decorating that Boss has done (which Mr. Larry looked at while eating cookies), I can believe her.

No, the head of Talker is not part of the decorations.  But he matches the "color scheme" words going on here so I would be careful if I was him.
Our thankful tree.  Which Boss totally stole the idea of from this blog post.  Boss is a stealer.  And it turns out that this new cat totally loves this thankful tree and has gotten into a lot of trouble and has made Boss cry already.  Maybe this new cat is not so smart after all.
You are supposed to write what you are thankful for on the leaves of the thankful tree. This is what Boss wrote the day after the crying incident.  You will notice that this new cat has ripped this leaf and chewed on it but Boss very cleverly fixed it and wrote a reminder to herself on it.
Player helped me with my leaf.  I can type okay but holding a pen is really difficult for me.  Thank you, Player!  Happythankfulgivingness!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Washi Tape: Not A Fan

I am doing the words "under protest" today.  These are the words that are used when Boss says she wants a blog post about washi tape and how wonderful it is and I do not want to because I do not think washi tape is wonderful and in fact tastes terrible and then Boss puts her hands on her hips and gives me the frowny forehead face and reminds me where the delicious treats and bones come from.

Why we are now suddenly talking about the farm supply store down the road is a mystery to me, but I think Boss is feeling very emphatic about me writing a blog post about washi tape even if I do not want to so I will be doing the "under protest" words and moving on.

Boss also says this blog post will be easy to write because I can do the "shout out" words. "Shout out" is where you just copy a link to somewhere else and claim that you have done a blog post.  But I am a dog of integrity and will not be doing the "shout out" words.

What?  Oh.  Yes.  I will be doing the "shout out" words after all because Boss has become quite emphatic and has progressed from having a frowny forehead face to having an angry face and is also using words like "losing internet privileges" at me.  So maybe the "shout out" words are acceptable after all because I have already written a lot of words for this blog post and I have not copied any of these words from anywhere.

So Boss loves washi tape and describes it as "delicious" and "yummy" when it most certainly is not.  Most of the washi tape that Boss has comes from a place called Moose Art.  It is a shop on Etsy and I looked at it and I do not see mooses or art about mooses, so Moose Art most certainly is not who they claim to be.  You are maybe understanding why I did not want to write this blog post in the first place.  And Boss puts all of her washi tape in a holder like this one made by Stamp-n-Storage.  Finally, something that actually does make sense! Well, not the washi tape.  But Stamp-n-Storage is really a place that is what it says it is.  Which is why I am actually happy doing a "shout out" word to them.  And I am also happy to point out that the pictures that are used on that link has the hand of Boss in it!  (And the washi tape of Boss, but I am not excited about that.)  Yes!  Boss is famous and on the internet now!!!  Boss points out that The ScrapRoom stuff is also on the internet so she has been out there a little while now but I point out back that Stamp-n-Storage has her actual hand on the internet and not just pretty-paper-picture-story pages and then Boss replies that those pretty-paper-picture-story pages have her whole self shown on some of them and then I decide to not try to get the "last words" word and decide to move on.  And be done with this post.
The pink washi tape that Boss loves.  And I do not.  For many reasons.  Really, really not a fan.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday is Awesomeness

For a lot of reasons.  A LOT!  In fact, I think there are so many very good reasons that Monday is awesomeness that I will list them, in list form, in the form of a list that is list-like.  So here is the list:
  • I am writing a blog post that you can read instead of doing not very fun things like laundry, washing dishes, or petting cats.
  • I woke up this morning and discovered that I still live in a cozy house with couches that I am not supposed to be sleeping on but do.
  • I woke up this morning and discovered my people still do not know that I am sleeping on the couches!
  • I woke up this morning and discovered there is SNOW!
  • Boss took me for a walk in the snow and she liked it.  A lot.  A LOT.  
Now I have to interrupt the list to show you a picture of the walk that Boss and I took this morning in the snow.  I am very proud of Boss.  It was our very first walk together in the snow and she did really, really good.  I did not know what to expect because she had not been in the snow with me before.  I understand that at her age she has been in the snow before but I was not sure how she would be doing on a walk with me.  She is a people with *experience* which is good because I would not be happy to be having to train very new people on snow and the delights of dead snails and squirrel farts and other important things.  So Boss went on a walk and did not complain about the snow or the cold or the icy sidewalk or ANYTHING.  So I am very proud.
I am walking in the snow and guiding Boss so she does not get lost.
Back to the list of the reasons why Monday is awesomeness list:
  • Boss and Talker and Player left to go who knows where but accidentally left Big One at home.  This is actually awesomeness because he is delightful to be with.  He is very not observant and has no clue that I am on the couch in the other room while he is sticking wood pieces on the walls.
  • Big One has gas.  Yum!
  • Big One took me for a walk, too!  Turns out Big One is also very good in the snow!  I have most excellent people!!!
  • Big One has a lot of gas.  A LOT.  Big One is kind of laughing about it and I am smiling my big doggie smile because OMG awesomeness!!!!!!  I told you Big One is delightful to be with!
  • Big One is home so I am getting to be with the cats all day instead of being separated from the cats all day.  Normally you would think this is bad news but I am starting to like this new cat because he is not clawing me up as much as he used to and I am getting to play with him and gently bite him and lay on him every so often and this new cat seems to think I am super awesome fun to play with too so he is actually much smarter than I thought he might be in the beginning.
So now I will interrupt this list thing again to show you a picture of this new cat and me before I get him all full of my most excellent slobber!
This new cat tastes delicious.
And I will list even more things on the list of things that make Monday awesomeness:
  • Talker and Player came home like usual and took me for ANOTHER walk.  I know, right?  This is super duper totally awesome.  My people seem to really like walking and I will not be complaining about that at all. AT ALL.
  • And then I got a treat.  Again.  Like I always do after a walk.  Because I think that my people think I might be hungry after a walk but I am not really because I only walk at people speed, not dog speed.  So I am not really needing the "starving to death" words that Player and Talker use but I will eat the treat anyway and not complain.  
  • Boss got home finally and made dinner which was the smell of deliciousness, by the way, and then took me to the grocery store!  And the gas station!!!!  I love going for van rides.  
  • Then we got home (and I got yet another treat!) and then Boss made popcorn.  This is awesomeness because my people are not very good at eating popcorn neatly.  They are a little messy but that is okay because I am there to help them take care of popcorn messes.  I am helpful like that.  
Which leads me to my final reason why Monday is awesomeness:
  • I am awesomeness.  I am on the Monday day.  Therefore, Monday is awesomeness.  
See?  Logic.  I am a very simple dog with very smart ideas.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enough Already

So Boss sat down tonight and made one more pretty-paper-picture-story page.  She was laughing while she was making it so I thought it might be a funny pretty-paper-picture-story page about bacon or silly faces or maybe even the words that Player and Talker mispronounce on purpose.  (Boss says that page will happen, she just does not know how to make the words make sense on paper.  I am not worried because the words do not make sense anyway but that is maybe a blog post for later.)

But it is about using the color purple.  Which apparently everyone on the Message Board at The ScrapRoom hates using.  Which is why the challenge was made to use it.  Which is why Boss is laughing.

No, I do not understand this either.  This is yet another challenge for the crop thing and it is about doing something you do not like to do on pretty-paper-picture-story pages that will be looked at over and over and over again and kept for a very long time or at least until the end of the world which I am sure is coming.  This might be a sign, but I will have to consult the bat crazy cat and I am not interested in talking to her right now.  Especially since she is mad at me for accidentally calling her a him in the last post that I talked about her.  Either way, that cat is bat crazy and I do not feel like having to deal with the drama right now.

And this pretty-paper-picture-story page is full of drama too if you think about how purple is apparently a very hard color to work with according to all the people who make pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  All I know is that it turned out okay and that Boss had fun while she made it which is probably the most bestest thing about this challenge.  This is also the very lastest crop challenge that Boss will be doing since there are no more left.  I am thankfulness for that!

Boss used BasicGrey Soleil for this purple challenge and said that BasicGrey is very helpful to use when she is working on challenging pretty-paper-picture-story pages for some reason that I did not listen to.  I stopped listening to her explain why because Boss tends to go on and on and on about the wonderfulness of BasicGrey and I get bored.  And annoyed because I hear "Grey" but she is still talking about BasicGrey and not me.  Which is just not right.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boss Thinks She Is Amazing

Well.  I guess I do not know if that is true or not.  I am making a guess using all of my brains, which are not very many because I am a very simple dog, and my guess is that Boss thinks she is amazing.  But I do not know exactly how Boss thinks because I have no experience being a girl people.  I would think that if I was a girl people I would try to figure out how to become smellier and more attractive but I guess that Boss is not interested in being smellier (and therefore more attractive) because she is making no effort to do so and is in fact being crabby about the smells being made in the house.  It is almost like she is not a fan of smells!  I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?  How can Boss not love the smells in this house or the sounds that come out of the bathroom when Big One is in there???????  I love Big One just for this reason, and this reason alone.  Plus, he smells like dirt on a regular basis.  Yummy!

I am imagining that Boss is thinking she is amazing for two reasons.  Well, three.  Reason one:  It is reveal week at The ScrapRoom and Boss has very nice pretty-paper-picture-story pages in there that feature me.  Which is almost like double points of awesomeness but that makes the math very much complicated.  Reason two:  Boss made a lot - A LOT - of pages at the crop thing this last weekend at The ScrapRoom.  And these pages have rules, which I do not understand or even support but since I have mentioned all that stuff in a previous post I will not take any of your time here to discuss my feelings on the idea that making pretty-paper-picture-story pages should not have rules at all - AT ALL - because it does not matter how it looks as long as your boss is happy.  Which I will not be discussing.  Not one little bit, in fact.  Reason three:  Boss found out that individually wrapped Kraft caramels are delicious and gluten-free.  Which is a way of saying, should taste bad but do not.  Does not.  Is not.  Are not?  Oh heck, I do not know because Boss did not give me one.  I am sad about this.

But to make me not sad, I will show you the crop pretty-paper-picture-story pages and not think too hard about the rules.  Which is good, because I am a very simple dog.  And thinking is not simple.

Small Packages Challenge:  Boss had to use a little picture, something old, and a song title.  The rules are not important to me because Boss chose to use a picture of Player and I love to just look at him.  Although I would like to taste that bird.  Just a little.
Celebration Challenge:  Boss needed use pictures about celebrating rocks or something. Which are not very tasty.  Boss also had to use twine and buttons, which ARE very tasty.  I would know.
White Space Challenge:  Boss had to somehow not fill the entire pretty-paper-picture-story page with stuff.  So she piled it all in one spot.
Sketch Challenge:  No, it is not about drawing.  But Boss could do that if you wanted her to.  And brought her some chocolate.
Shape Challenge:  The rules say to use one shape 10 times or more.  I did not know that a leaf was a shape but apparently the rules are not that strict.
13 Questions Challenge:  This is the challenge that Boss made and she totally copied it from Write. Click. Scrapbook.  Which is somehow okay and not cheating.
Title Challenge:  Boss needed to use one of the title ideas.  Of course she chose the "Epic" one and not the "Love" one.  She is sensible like that.  By the way, Boss told me that this bacon was horrible and that she would eat it all herself so I would not get sick.  She is the bestest Boss ever and I love her.
"You've Got Twins!" Challenge:  Boss says she almost pooped herself when she saw the title but did not because she then understood that it was about making two Christmas cards the same way.  I am sad that she did not because then she would smell like awesomeness.