Saturday, May 11, 2013

National Scrapbooking Day is Awesomeness

I know you are startled that I think so, but it is true.  Because there are snacks!

And before you think those are too many snacks, wait until you see the deliciousness of the Chinese take-out foods!

But do not be startled.  It is because of Boss having a very special friend over for National Scrapbooking Day that there is such delightful food things here.  Yes, even this new cat thinks our most awesome oldest God-daughter is someone to watch and adore.  And it would be true.  (Even though she dropped chocolate on the floor and Boss had to take it out of my mouth.   But I got lots of popcorn and potato chips and rice bits to make up for it!)

And on this National Scrapbooking And Eating Tons of Ridiculous Tasty Foods Day, Boss and our most awesome oldest God-daughter made pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  And ate tons of ridiculous tasty foods.  And of course the pretty-paper-picture-story pages were special ones following rules over at The ScrapRoom even though Boss will claim there are no rules for pretty-paper-picture-story pages when it is convenient for her.  This is the "double standard" words but that is how Boss rolls.  And there are still a few bags of popcorn left, so I will not be making much of a fuss over the rule thing.
Tone-on-Tone Challenge:  Boss explained to our most awesome oldest God-daughter that the tone-on-tone words mean to put one color on top of itself.  Boss had trouble with this one because she likes lots of contrast she says.  Which means that she likes loud and tacky things.  Like sticky elephants, I guess.  Boss also says she did this pretty-paper-picture-story page in honor of our most awesome oldest God-daughter because the day after National Scrapbooking And Eating Tons of Ridiculous Tasty Foods and Following Challenging Rules Day is the day that our most awesome oldest God-daughter will be the "confirmed" word.  Which means she has to wear a robe and a flower and answer lots of questions about God and the Bible and other very deep topics.
Sketch Challenge:  This pretty-paper-picture-story page features the most adorable Player.  He is adorableness, and it is just fine that I make a redundant statement like that because it is TRUE.  The sketch that Boss needed to follow looks like this and it was a very most cleverest sketch made by friend-the-tallandstately.
Sketch Challenge:  And how much wonderfulness is it to make pretty-paper-picture-story pages about our most awesome brother-and-sister God-kids with our most awesome oldest God-daughter on National Scrapbooking And Eating Tons of Ridiculous Tasty Foods and Following Challenging Rules and Making Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages About Our Awesome God-Kids Day?  Um, yes.  I think that whole thing was a question.  But I think I am trying to make a statement about how perfect this whole day is.  I think.  Oh!  The sketch for this pretty-paper-picture-story page looks like this and is made by the wonderful person that made The ScrapRoom.
Gilly Challenge:  This challenge made the head of Boss blow up, but to me she still looks the same and her head appears to be intact and everything.  Boss is trying to explain that mixing things up (which is one way the challenge could be done) is very difficult to do and hurts her head.  Because it hurts when your head blows up, I guess.  Our most awesome oldest God-daughter thinks Boss is a little exaggeratedness.  Our most awesome oldest God-daughter had no problems mixing things up.  Nope, not at all!  We think Boss is full of the "drama" words.
The Challenge of Boss:  Boss made this pretty-paper-picture-story page and then told people to just do whatever they wanted.  Now these are rules I can understand!  Boss said they could use the same colors, or way too many pieces of pretty paper, or ridiculous washi tape, or tasty twine, or a bunch of journaling about Talker.  Not many people chose to write about Talker.  I do not understand this, but no one asked me on National Scrapbooking And Eating Tons of Ridiculous Tasty Foods and Following Challenging Rules and Making Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages About Our Awesome God-Kids and (Not) Journaling About Talker Day.  Which is really a shame.  Because I could write about Talker all day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Time Runs Faster Than That Red Squirrel

You know how fast that is, right?  That is faster than I can jump off the chair of Boss when Boss comes home.  That is faster than me when I steal the chicken can from the bat crazy cat and this new cat.  That is faster than Big One can drive, although Boss is giving me the raised eyebrow look.  This is the questioning look of Boss, but it means she is not going to bother to debate the issue.  This is the indicator of Boss knowing she is right but it is not worth stopping whatever she is doing to beat you to death with facts that you must acknowledge.  This look is meant to make you think about your next words carefully if you want any chance of doing anything remotely fun the rest of the evening.  Besides lose arguments to Boss.  So I will leave that last statement open ended and maybe modify it with the "perhaps" word.

But either way... the time around here goes fast.  I mean really fast.  Faster than that red squirrel who moves ridiculousness fast even with that big walnut in his mouth going back and forth between the side porch and the water tower.  I would run fast too if I was saving my nuts from psycho bats.

Boss just gave me the startled blink look.

But Big One says that the side porch has bats living under it and the red squirrel is carrying walnuts away from there to the water tower.  And then climbing the grape vines and going who knows where but when he comes back, he doesn't have any more nuts.  So he gets another one from the side porch.

Boss is making the "hurry it along" motion, combined with a slightly cross-eyed look.  I am unsure about this one.  So I will hurry it along.  The point I am making is that the time has gone so fast around here that I have not shown you the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that Boss has made for The ScrapRoom and it is already the week after the May reveal!  So I will do that now!

Simple Stories Urban Traveler:  This is a 12x12 double pretty-paper-picture-story page and Boss is wondering how the heck this will fit in the 8.5x11 pretty-paper-picture-story page book.  Boss was not concerned in the beginning because she was not liking the pictures and was unsure about the layout but now she loves it and is doing the annoyed face at these pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  Boss gets that way sometimes and it is best to walk away quietly.  And Boss will figure it out.  Eventually.  And with many swearing words and the question "Why did I use so much tape?????"
Simple Stories Urban Traveler:  This card has many tasty tags all popped up and ready for me to pick them off and chew them up!  Oh, it will be very much delightfulness!  Wait.  Boss says she already gave that card to the fine peoples at Blue Water Rentals for the bestest vacation ever.  I mean, evah!
BasicGrey Knee Highs + The ScrapRoom Sketch So can you just imagine the happy squealing of Boss when she found out that she got to design with BasicGrey?  Oh yes.  It is her favorite paper of all time.  ALL TIME.  But I am sure she likes me a little bit more than this silly paper that has my name.  Well, part of my name, anyway.
BasicGrey Knee Highs:  Boss.  And the snow she loves.  Goodness, that woman is not right in the head.  (Boss would like to point out the absolutely adorable bottle caps and fun washi-like sticker things that came with this kit from The ScrapRoom.  Whatever.  It is just because it is BasicGrey that she is all squeally and annoyingly in love with this paper.)
BasicGrey Knee Highs:  Yes, an adorable card.  And Boss already mailed this one, too!  She is a mailer of cards, that is for sure.
Project Life Kit:  Boss shows the duck on the roof at work and then the delightful dinner she made with the duck.  What?  No?  That is chicken with bacon?  Whatever.  I am sure it tastes like duck.
Project Life Kit:  And it is Boss again.  And the snow again.  And this time Boss has gone too far with these teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  I know for a fact that all three of these pictures ARE FROM THE SAME DAY.  Only one picture is necessary per day.  ONLY ONE.  Read the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story page rules, Boss.  Oh, what?  There are no rules for teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages?  Oh, sure.  Now Boss remembers that rule.