Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boss Is Having A Birthday

I know this because Boss tends to announce things.  A lot.  In a repetitive fashion.  Over and over and over and over again.  More than one time.  More times than the number of ants I have eaten out on the patio.  More times than I can remember anything being repeated since I have lived here.  Now, I know that is not very long, but Boss has become annoying, boring, and annoyingly boring with the repetitive repetition surrounding this birthday thing.

Apparently birthdays involve cupcakes.  I know because Boss made cupcakes and announced in an annoyingly boring repetitive fashion that it is going to be her birthday, so she made cupcakes in preparation for this birthday thing.

The cupcake that Boss took almost as many pictures of as announcements made about this birthday.
The cupcakes are already gone and I did not even get to eat one, not even a little bit of one.  I tried to just taste one, just a little bit of one, but Player noticed when I crawled into his lap and tried to taste his cupcake.  I do not think the cupcakes are worth all the yelling and pointing.  Which would have been unnecessary if I would have gotten a cupcake of my own.  But all I get to eat are ants out on the patio.

Also in preparation for this birthday thing is a book Boss made.  It is suspiciously like a pretty-paper-picture-story page, but is currently missing pictures and stories.  I think Boss is taking shortcuts so she can get everything done in one day, especially after the last time I shared the pretty-paper-picture-story page.  But I will not talk about that so Boss does not get irritated with me again.  Instead, I will show the birthday book thing.  Apparently Boss will spend seven, yes seven days obsessing about this birthday thing and this book thing will be part of the obsession and the annoyingly boring repetitive announcements.

But there may be more cupcakes coming.  So that is good.  Right now I think that is the only good thing about Boss having a birthday.  Even if I am just a simple dog who has not had any cupcakes, not even just a little bit of one.  Yet.
The obsessive birthday book thing.