Friday, July 13, 2012

I Stink!

Oh yes I do!  Or I would have if Big One would not have hosed me down.  Now I only have a little bit of an odor says Boss.  I am a little sad about all that, but oh!  I can still smell it on my fur!  Oh my gosh heaven in my fur I can barely contain myself heaven heaven smell in myfurohmygoshthesmellthesmellthesmell -


Have you ever pranced lightly through mud filled with dead snails and fish guts and delicately rotting reeds?  Have you ever pooped somewhere and forgot where because the smell of heaven completely overwhelmed you and you pranced and jumped and hopped and went wild and maybe accidentally sort of stomped in your own poop and the smell of it all overwhelmed you?  And you stomped and smelled and got overwhelmed and continued to be overwhelmed and then got overwhelmed some more?  Have you ever been wading in beautifully thick, green, nose-electrifying lake water?  Have you?  HAVE YOU?

I have.  And I stink.  And it is so completely awesome.  Even if Big One hosed me down.  And even if I have to spend the rest of the night with my nose jammed into my fur smelling what remains of heaven.  Oh my gosh heaven. 

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