Monday, April 1, 2013

I Am Not A Fool

And neither is Boss.

And she says that if someone tries to trick her she will pound them and then they will be sorry.  Boss is not a fan of this day and would like to just stay home but says there is one good and great thing - and only one good and great thing about today:  it is reveal day over at The ScrapRoom.

And for some reason Blogger has a problem with the grammar of my sentences and insists on underlining everything I write and I would pound Blogger if I could but I can not because it is entirely all electronic bits and will not solidify enough for me to vent my annoyance properly.

So I will.

Write sentence fragments and.

Tell Blogger to pound.

Sand instead.

There.  That was very satisfyingness.  I am pleased now.  And I will happily ignore the opinion of Blogger and share the wonderfulness that Boss made for you.
My Mind's Eye Unforgettable:  And Boss is also unforgettable and cute in this picture.  She looks delightfully dirty in this pretty-paper-picture-story page and I am loving the idea of rolling on her.  I wonder if Boss also smelled like a hobo.  I imagine that would be extra delightfulness. 
My Mind's Eye Unforgettable & The ScrapRoom Sketch:  I told Boss that this pretty-paper-picture-story page was wrong and did not have the brown paper all the way around the pokie-dottie paper.  And Boss said that it was just fine and called it "unexpected" and "artistic" and then I said that it was "crooked" and "unsettling" and then Boss invited me to find another family to live with.  On second thought, I think it is quite clever.
My Mind's Eye Unforgettable:  Boss used Google to find quilt patterns to make into cards.  She is a copy-cat person like that.  Boss used up all the scraps of this kit and there are no more left, not even little bits for me to taste. 
Echo Park Paper Brothers:  Boss was quite happy to see boybarian paper in orange and yellow.  The boybarians are big fans of those colors, and Boss is a big fan of the boybarians.  So Boss knew that this paper and these boybarians would be combined into a very big and wonderful pretty-paper-picture-story page.  With lots of little banner-things.  I got to eat one.  Boss let me!

Echo Park Paper Brothers:  So, when Boss says boybarians, she is really talking about three of my peoples.  Do not be alarmed by this.  Boss is used to it by now.
Echo Park Paper Brothers:  Boss continues with the theme of "copy quilt patterns from Google and call them cards".  Now she is copying herself.  Which scores double lazy points.
The ScrapRoom Project Life Kit (April):  Boss is an especially big fan of the Project Life kit that The ScrapRoom has because it is mega fun and full of coolness.  And there are nice papers and alphas and things.  But not the tacos.  You have to make those yourself.

The ScrapRoom Project Life Kit (April):  Wait a minute.  Boss had chips?

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