Thursday, March 28, 2013

Old School Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

Boss is rolling her eyes at me.  You know this look, I think.

Boss says pretty-paper-picture-story pages that are not in pockets are not necessarily the "old school" words.  But I am the one writing this blog post, so I will be using the words I am choosing.  And I am choosing to use the "old school" words because I can.

Boss is muttering and is scrolling through her iPod for something called "The Smiths".  She says that if I am insisting on the "old school" words, then she will be doing the "owning it" words.  And then she said the "so there" words and stuck her tongue out at me.  Yes.  This is the "old school" words for sure!

Summer 2009 "Fore Them":  Boss uses BasicGrey POTM kit paper and does the "challenge" words from The ScrapRoom message board.  Boss had to use a page with pockets on it as inspiration.  But I will still call this the "old school" words because it is really just one piece of paper and not a lot.  Well.  It is actually a lot of pieces of paper, but Boss has piled them all up in one place.  Which is what Boss does.
Summer 2009 "Boy(s) of Summer":  Boss uses lots of ScrapRoom paper that is green on these pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  It is for another of the "challenge" words called Go Green.  And I think Boss was scared she might have to recycle something to do this challenge but it was only to use green paper and the most adorable photos of Talker and Player.  They are adorable, but I think inside they are secretly sad because I am not there yet.  In fact, I do not even think I was born yet!  Oh, very sad. 
Winter 2009 "Takayo's First Bracelet":  Boss used this paper and the "just for fun challenge" words from over at Cocoa Daisy for this pretty-paper-picture-story page.  Boss likes to play with the same paper as her friends, and likes to get inspiration from everywhere, but Boss is starting to wonder if she could possibly have too much paper now.  And too many ideas.  (This would have been a sign of the apocalypse last year but I am much smarter about that now.  But those statements are startling, are they not?)  Boss says it is too hard to play with all of the paper everywhere all of the time and not take me for walks or cook food for the boybarians.  Boss wishes for more time in the day but it is not happening.  Even if she stomps her foot!
Fall 2011 "With Time Comes Amazing Change":  Boss did two things at the same time with this pretty-paper-picture-story page.  She did a challenge at The ScrapRoom message board about choosing her own challenge (what?  I know, right?) and the My Mind's Eye Sketch Challenge.  This is called the "double dipping" words and is more socially acceptable than the kind where a bunch of people are sharing one bowl of salsa.  Do not ask how I know this.
Valentine's Day 2013 "Valentine's 4 Boybarians":  Of course Boss made a pretty-paper-picture-story page of the pictures she made of Player, Talker, and Big One.  That is how Boss rolls.  Boss used pink flowery paper from The ScrapRoom and the boybarians did not seem to mind.  I think they were maybe still buzzing on all that sugar Boss gave them. 

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