Monday, April 8, 2013

A Ridiculously Long Blog Post Title, or February 2013 Teeny Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

It seems ironical to me that the shortest month of the year has the longest blog post title for the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages that go with it.

So I will compensate for that by not writing a lot of words.  Also because I am tired and want to take a nap by the hot air that fluffles up my fur when it blows on me.  If this new cat is not already laying in my spot.  I must go check.  And then for fun I will lay right on this new cat and pretend I did not notice he was there until Boss yells at me.  And then I will get up and act all surprised but I will be grinning my big happy doggie smile and then Boss will laugh and this new cat will get up and look all irritatedness at us but we will not care too much.  Well.  Boss will care.  So I must lay down and fall asleep quick before she remembers to yell at me for laying on this new cat.

February 2013 Teeny Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages 

So I have to wake up a little bit to tell you that if you noticed that Boss was at the hospital a couple of times and then appears to be concerned about the "cancer" word... please do not mention it to the bat crazy cat.  The bat crazy cat has forgotten about her cancer/kidney harvest/zombie apocalypse theories but any mention of any of that will set that bat crazy cat off again and it will months before things get back to normal around here.  So Boss is keeping the "cancer" word on the down-low, which means she is not talking about it to anyone until she can find out for sure what is going on.  Which happens in the March month.  Which is later this week for the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages of March.

Boss says I should go ahead and tell you right now that it all ended up being okay, and that already she loves going back and reading the story of the family while everything was happening because it makes worrying about the scary "cancer" word seem like such a small thing compared to the big thing that is all the rest of us.  And that is exactly why I love Boss.  Because she makes sense like that.

And I still do not feel like publishing a very long and ridiculous supply list.  I really did mean it when I suggested you just buy everything at Evalicious and get The ScrapRoom kits.  It is really much easier that way.  I promise.

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