Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boss Turns Life Into a Project

Remember when Boss was excited about Segways and making rules and pockets?  It was all in this post here.  And I am now maybe understanding the whole Project Life thing.  I think.  I think it is a way for Boss to make pretty-paper-picture-story pages just like always but to trick people into thinking she is actually working on something complicated and special and that she must be left alone and can not possibly do dishes but could someone bring her a drink, please?  I have observed this happening.  And I have seen these Project Life things and I think it must be some kind of scheme on the part of Boss.  And I am not talking to the bat crazy cat about it because she is still giving me a really hard time about the whole "end of the world" misunderstanding that I had.

So Boss is happy to show you these Project Life things.  And I am happy to point out that Boss is a total cheater and only put the tiny pretty-paper-picture-story pages on top of the pocket things and not inside of them.  Cheater cheater cheater!  Neener neener neener!  Oh.  Dear.  Boss is not taking fondly to my attitude, she says.  She says that friend-the-Tallandstately taught her that trick because then the Project Life things photograph better.  She says to "mind my manners" and "watch it, mister" before I lose my internet privileges.  Again.

The very first Project Life thing that Boss ever made.  I think it is pretty-paper-picture-story pages disguised as something not very clever.  I am not a fan.  But... I am a fan of bacon!  Except I do not remember getting to eat bacon that day.
Well this explains what happened to Talker!  I will be sure to tell the bat crazy cat that Boss expects him to return.  The bat crazy cat will be disappointed.  And will probably start wearing the tin foil hat again.
Boss has asked me to start making a list of all the things she uses to make pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards and these tiny pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  I am not getting a raise of any kind for doing this extra work.  But Boss is giving me the "mind your manners" speech again and is asking me how I like pepperoni and would I miss it if I never got any again?  Oh.  I see.  Threats and bribery.  I would protest but I think Boss is very clever.  Very.

This is most of the stuff Boss used because I do not want to list out things like staples and paperclips and for goodness sakes I think you have some cardstock and alpha sticker things that will be just fine:
     My Mind's Eye The Sweetest Thing kit from The ScrapRoom
     BasicGrey Wander POTM kit 
     Evalicious tasty things:
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