Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boss Says To Worry

So Boss has made another wall thing for her scrap room.

She got the idea from the people over at the Message Board at The ScrapRoom.  Except I do not think that Boss really understood what was going on because this wall thing seems wrong.  It is supposed to be a word that is an important word.  A good word.  An honorable word.  A word that deserves lots of thinking about.  Like "ham" or "fart" or "pepperoni" or "car" or "walk" or "dead thing" (but that last one was actually two words; it is just an example).

Boss made a wall thing with a word on it that is actually a word she does not like. 

Boss says it is actually a good word because it is silly and a counterpoint to what she actually wants to do.  And she says that it will startle her into thinking about how the word is actually a bad word.  What?  I know.  She said it was a good word because it is actually a bad word.  It is really hard to live here and keep up with what is going on sometimes.  Apparently, the Bible verse hanging on the tag thingy is what turns the bad word into a good word or whatever it is that Boss said.

Now, I am a simple dog.  But this I understand.  I have eaten the Bible.  It is delicious.  When it happened, Big One said I was now filled with the spirit and that made Boss laugh.  And then she gave me the frowny forehead face that was the same as before Big One made her laugh.  But the Bible is good for many things like that.  So I guess this word thing makes sense.  A little.

Do not actually follow this instruction.  Boss is trying to be clever.

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