Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boss is Everywhere

So I have been doing a little surfing.  Not the cool California kind of surfing with shaggy hair and driving background music and periodic slow motion photography.  No, the kind where if I am not very careful, I end up at websites that feature french poodles.  I do not know how this happens.  I really do not.  I think my browser must have a virus.  And not the zombie virus that the bat crazy cat has been focused on lately.  Just a word of advice:  do not come over here if you have dry skin.  Because the bat crazy cat is certain you have the zombie virus and you have started to decompose and your skin is falling right off.  And I know this is bat crazy, and you know this is bat crazy, and even this new cat knows this is bat crazy, but there is no reasoning with the bat crazy cat.  And winter lasts forever around here and the dry skin lasts just that long too, so we have many months of the zombie virus being the next horrible thing to befall this family.  It is ridiculous.

Anyway, I have been surfing.  And I have been very impressed with Boss, because I have found Boss out on the internets.  I am impressed and surprised because she is really not that clever with the whole blog and internets thing.  She tends to fake it and mostly gets lucky.  But that is just between you and me and we will not be discussing how she accidentally deleted the blog post of somebody else.  Somebody not her.  And somebody not her people.  So it was really quite dramatic that day and Boss was a little teary about it. 

The first place I found Boss was over at The ScrapRoom.  Boss does a challenge over there where she wants you dig around for scraps and turn them into pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  This time it involves the "flower" word which is not so much my favorite thing so I will make a link and show you the pretty-paper-picture-story page Boss made and move on.
Boss is cute as a little girl.  And Boss says to not do the math on the date.  It must be some kind of typo.
Next, Boss was being the "inspiration" and "tutorial" words at Evalicious.  Boss cheated, I think, because she showed the same project two times.  This is called the "milking it" words.  But Boss thinks this is clever.  And tells me that the posts are two different things altogether and then she suggested that both of the readers of this blog could go and decide for themselves.  (Boss is now being insulting so I am AGAIN just going to make a link and another link and show you the paper thing that Boss made and move on AGAIN.)
This is a perpetual reminder calendar.  I think this means "tasty paper covered with tasty things" and I will test my theory later when Boss is not looking.
Finally, I found Boss over at Cocoa Daisy.  She won a prize for her pretty-paper-picture-story page about feeding us rocks!  I think the standards over at the Cocoa Daisy place must be pretty low for such a mean pretty-paper-picture-story page to win a nice prize like Boss won.  I am considering doing the "protest" word but I am not sure it will do much good as Boss tells me it is too late, and that I did not understand the pretty-paper-picture-story page that she made and that it is actually very quite nice from several angles.  So I think I will once again just cut to the link and the pretty-paper-picture-story page and go to bed and dream of french poodles. 
See?  It is about rocks.  And that is not wonderful.  Good night.


  1. Your blog is so funny. I love that you do it from the dog's point of view. Very clever.

  2. Loving your creations!
    That mini is gorgeous.
    And I personally think you well deserve to have sone the CD challenge : )
    Well done x