Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Reveal Day!

Happy new pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards to you!  Boss made a pile of stuff for you to look at while she was having the "Christmas" word with the parents of Boss.  Boss did all of this with what fit in a pizza box and the paper that is paper shipped with other paper from The ScrapRoom. Yes, the paper from The ScrapRoom comes with paper.  And other paper.  And other stuff that is sometimes tasty but will irritate Boss if you eat it.  And you do not need many other things if you have this papery paper stuff from The ScrapRoom.  So here are the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that Boss made for The ScrapRoom.  And then go to The ScrapRoom and look at the other pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that the rest of the design team peoples made!

Fancy Pants Hopscotch:  "Grandma's Garden" and The ScrapRoom sketch for January! 
This is some of the stuff that Boss does not like me to eat.  But the buttons are so very tasty.  And so is the chipboard!  But not the twine so much.
Fancy Pants Hopscotch:  "Lego Invasion"
More of the stuff that you should not eat if you want to be friends with Boss.  Just saying.  To be helpful.
Fancy Pants Hopscotch:  thank you card 
Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings:  "Storm Warning" and The ScrapRoom sketch for January!
Boss just rips stuff and thinks it looks nice.  I am not a fan so much.  Because if I rip the paper of Boss, she gets the frowny forehead face and makes yelling noises.
More of the tasty stuff that comes in The ScrapRoom paper paper paper stuff.  But not the staples.  Boss took those from her mom.  She did ask first, though.
Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings:  "The Blue Mound Rock Wall"
Boss had some pieces left over that she cut up and folded in half and made a decoration out of.  This is a little clever except I think I heard her say that one of these came out of the trash.
Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings:  happy birthday card for the grandma of Boss.  Happy Birthday, grandma of Boss!

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