Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have Been Doing Some Math

Do not be startled.  Math is really not that complicated even for a simple dog like myself.  Dogs use math all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  We are very into numbers and logic.  For example:
20 pound ham + 8 people = plenty of leftovers to find and steal
n(1 + washi tape) = the amount of washi tape that would be perfect according to Boss, when Boss has "n" amount of washi tape already
1 washi tape = too many in my opinion
Boss + Project Life = ridiculous amount of tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages
And I think Boss is aware of this because she sat and stared at the next tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages and made a very subtle frowny face.  This is not good.  Boss is making frowny faces at tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages which does not lead to happiness for anybody.  Because the next thing you know, Boss will be going through some kind of "personal crisis" words and will become the "drama queen" words and the "overwrought" word although those last ones are the words that Big One uses and then tells Player and Talker to "not repeat that or I'm going to get into a lot of trouble" and then all of them quietly get up and leave the house and go hide in the shop.

Because this is the math I have been doing:  Boss has made 3 and a half tiny tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages and it is halfway through January.  This is 7 per month.  And um... that is... a lot - A LOT - in a whole year!  Like, more than the amount of trouble I got into for stealing that ham.

But now Boss is saying the "I don't really care" words and the "I'm having fun" words and the "let's make popcorn!" words.  OH BOY!  I love popcorn.  And Boss is terrible messy with popcorn.  Which is delightful.  And I do not need any math to figure that out!

Boss has gone backwards in time just like she said she would.  Now I understand.  This is before I was around so it is not very important even if it is about love.
Oh, look at Player!  He is so small and cute!  But he was secretly wishing for a dog even then.  I know this.  He told me.
And now this is what happened last week.  Boss has a glamorous life and these pictures prove it.  Although she is making yet another yarn thing and ALSO used washi tape on these tiny tiny tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages.  So I am not so much a fan. 
You know what is missing from these tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny pretty-paper-picture story pages?  Me.  It is a horrible oversight.  I must be discussing this with Boss.
This is most of the stuff Boss used because I do not want to list out things like staples and paperclips and for goodness sakes I think you have some cardstock and alpha sticker things that will be just fine:
     BasicGrey Konnichiwa POTM kit
     Tada Bountiful Blooms kit from The ScrapRoom
     My Mind's Eye Gertie kit from The ScrapRoom
     Evalicious tasty things:
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