Saturday, December 22, 2012

Boss Follows Through and Makes New Plans

But first of all I am a little embarrassed about my last post. 

Apparently the end of the world is not happening.  So now I am wondering who is smarter, the bat crazy cat or me?  And I am uncomfortable with thinking about that.  I am a very simple dog.  Maybe I should just think about squirrel farts and whether or not there will be a hamburger wrapper to sniff on our walk.  Boss says this is a very good idea, because no one else in the family will think of those things.  So I am special and important and my job is to do the funnest stuff out of everybody!  Boss is laughing which means she is agreeable with this idea.  I am happy again. 

Before there was me in this family, Boss decided to make a rule to follow about taking pictures and making pretty-paper-picture-story pages for a whole year.  I am just a simple dog so I will not talk about how rules and making pretty-paper-picture-story pages are not things that belong together.  And I did not even think of this myself, because Boss says this.  Boss says that pretty-paper-picture-story pages do not have rules because they are art and fun and memories and the "get it done already" words.  But I will tell you that Boss had rules anyway. 

Boss took Simple Stories Year-O-Graphy and made pretty-paper-picture-story pages almost all the same with the word "currently" on them and then told Big One, Talker, and Player to write on them.  Boss normally does not let my people write on her good paper.  I am a little confused by this.
Boss is pleased that there is a pretty-paper-picture-story page with the word "currently" on them for every month of this year.  Boss says that she learned that Player is consistent and Talker watches too much questionable television while these "currently" words were written on.
Boss also took a picture of our yard every month this year.  This is June.  I am adorable.
This is December.  I am not in this picture which is a little sad, but my paw prints are in this picture which is almost as good as seeing me in the snow.
So Boss says that I have made the "segue" word.  I am confused.  This is a blog post, not a two-wheeled vehicle that I secretly would like to ride.  Actually, I would like to drive it.  I am sure this can be done.  I have a blog.  Surely I can drive a segue.  Oh?  It is spelled Segway?  Boss is now explaining that even though it sounds the same, a segue is merely a literary or speech thingie and not really fun or interesting in any way.  No, Boss did not say the "thingie" word.  Or the rest of that sentence.  But I stopped listening to her talk to me about... uh... whatever Boss was saying.

And now Boss is saying that she will be doing the "Project Life" words with the pictures she took of the yard and other things.  What?  Oh.  Boss is now back-tracking a little.  Boss means to say she will do *something* like the "Project Life" words.  Boss will go backwards and forwards in time while putting random pictures together on one page using pages with pockets on them.  Good Lord, that is what this woman just said.  I do not think listening to her is any better than not listening to her.  

Boss is now putting her hands on her hips and raising her voice.  Boss says to just wrap up the blog post and mention that Evalicious makes wonderful things to put in pockets.  Pockets like the ones here.  Pockets like the ones here that make Boss happy because they are 8.5x11 size.  Pockets like the ones here that make Boss happy because they are 8.5x11 size and so she will happily buy them from We R Memory Keepers.  I think Boss is just happy to buy things.  But that is just me and the "voicing my opinion" words.

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