Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steal a Ham! And Watch Sneak Week Happen!

With all the excitement of cookie eating, and stealing the ham, and then having a big accident on the carpet in the middle of the night (it might have been the ham)... I totally forgot it was sneak week over at The ScrapRoom until Boss poked me with her toe and told me to crawl out from under the cabinet where the heat comes out and to get the blog post written already.  Oh goodness.  I am a little feeling not well and maybe should learn my lesson about stealing hams but OH MY GOODNESS HAVE YOU EVER SMELLED A HAM?????  How does a very simple dog not steal a ham when he is given the opportunity to sneak out to where it is sitting and just taste it a little?  Or a lot, perhaps?  Heaven.  HEAVEN.

But now Boss is watching me carefully and has given the "no table scraps for the dog" words to all of the people here so I will be crawling back under the cabinet and curling up next to where the heat comes out.  And hoping to feel better.  And maybe getting another crack at the ham that Boss and Big One managed to save.  So go look at the December Sneak Peeks over at The ScrapRoom.  Here is the first one by Boss to get you going:

The pretty-paper-picture-story page that Boss made using the October Afternoon Midway kit from The ScrapRoom.  It is a picture of Big One before he got Big!
Boss likes to fuss and cut and do those words at the same time.  And sew.  And pile on layers.  But those do not have special words beyond "enough already" and "you can not make a page any thicker than that!"
Except when Boss can make the pages thicker by using flairs.  She giggled about this flair.  She also giggled about the Sew Easy banners that came with her kit.  She was very much loving those!

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