Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enough Already

So Boss sat down tonight and made one more pretty-paper-picture-story page.  She was laughing while she was making it so I thought it might be a funny pretty-paper-picture-story page about bacon or silly faces or maybe even the words that Player and Talker mispronounce on purpose.  (Boss says that page will happen, she just does not know how to make the words make sense on paper.  I am not worried because the words do not make sense anyway but that is maybe a blog post for later.)

But it is about using the color purple.  Which apparently everyone on the Message Board at The ScrapRoom hates using.  Which is why the challenge was made to use it.  Which is why Boss is laughing.

No, I do not understand this either.  This is yet another challenge for the crop thing and it is about doing something you do not like to do on pretty-paper-picture-story pages that will be looked at over and over and over again and kept for a very long time or at least until the end of the world which I am sure is coming.  This might be a sign, but I will have to consult the bat crazy cat and I am not interested in talking to her right now.  Especially since she is mad at me for accidentally calling her a him in the last post that I talked about her.  Either way, that cat is bat crazy and I do not feel like having to deal with the drama right now.

And this pretty-paper-picture-story page is full of drama too if you think about how purple is apparently a very hard color to work with according to all the people who make pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  All I know is that it turned out okay and that Boss had fun while she made it which is probably the most bestest thing about this challenge.  This is also the very lastest crop challenge that Boss will be doing since there are no more left.  I am thankfulness for that!

Boss used BasicGrey Soleil for this purple challenge and said that BasicGrey is very helpful to use when she is working on challenging pretty-paper-picture-story pages for some reason that I did not listen to.  I stopped listening to her explain why because Boss tends to go on and on and on about the wonderfulness of BasicGrey and I get bored.  And annoyed because I hear "Grey" but she is still talking about BasicGrey and not me.  Which is just not right.

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