Monday, November 5, 2012

Boss Thinks She Is Amazing

Well.  I guess I do not know if that is true or not.  I am making a guess using all of my brains, which are not very many because I am a very simple dog, and my guess is that Boss thinks she is amazing.  But I do not know exactly how Boss thinks because I have no experience being a girl people.  I would think that if I was a girl people I would try to figure out how to become smellier and more attractive but I guess that Boss is not interested in being smellier (and therefore more attractive) because she is making no effort to do so and is in fact being crabby about the smells being made in the house.  It is almost like she is not a fan of smells!  I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?  How can Boss not love the smells in this house or the sounds that come out of the bathroom when Big One is in there???????  I love Big One just for this reason, and this reason alone.  Plus, he smells like dirt on a regular basis.  Yummy!

I am imagining that Boss is thinking she is amazing for two reasons.  Well, three.  Reason one:  It is reveal week at The ScrapRoom and Boss has very nice pretty-paper-picture-story pages in there that feature me.  Which is almost like double points of awesomeness but that makes the math very much complicated.  Reason two:  Boss made a lot - A LOT - of pages at the crop thing this last weekend at The ScrapRoom.  And these pages have rules, which I do not understand or even support but since I have mentioned all that stuff in a previous post I will not take any of your time here to discuss my feelings on the idea that making pretty-paper-picture-story pages should not have rules at all - AT ALL - because it does not matter how it looks as long as your boss is happy.  Which I will not be discussing.  Not one little bit, in fact.  Reason three:  Boss found out that individually wrapped Kraft caramels are delicious and gluten-free.  Which is a way of saying, should taste bad but do not.  Does not.  Is not.  Are not?  Oh heck, I do not know because Boss did not give me one.  I am sad about this.

But to make me not sad, I will show you the crop pretty-paper-picture-story pages and not think too hard about the rules.  Which is good, because I am a very simple dog.  And thinking is not simple.

Small Packages Challenge:  Boss had to use a little picture, something old, and a song title.  The rules are not important to me because Boss chose to use a picture of Player and I love to just look at him.  Although I would like to taste that bird.  Just a little.
Celebration Challenge:  Boss needed use pictures about celebrating rocks or something. Which are not very tasty.  Boss also had to use twine and buttons, which ARE very tasty.  I would know.
White Space Challenge:  Boss had to somehow not fill the entire pretty-paper-picture-story page with stuff.  So she piled it all in one spot.
Sketch Challenge:  No, it is not about drawing.  But Boss could do that if you wanted her to.  And brought her some chocolate.
Shape Challenge:  The rules say to use one shape 10 times or more.  I did not know that a leaf was a shape but apparently the rules are not that strict.
13 Questions Challenge:  This is the challenge that Boss made and she totally copied it from Write. Click. Scrapbook.  Which is somehow okay and not cheating.
Title Challenge:  Boss needed to use one of the title ideas.  Of course she chose the "Epic" one and not the "Love" one.  She is sensible like that.  By the way, Boss told me that this bacon was horrible and that she would eat it all herself so I would not get sick.  She is the bestest Boss ever and I love her.
"You've Got Twins!" Challenge:  Boss says she almost pooped herself when she saw the title but did not because she then understood that it was about making two Christmas cards the same way.  I am sad that she did not because then she would smell like awesomeness.


  1. You are amazing! I cannot believe how fast you complete the most beautiful layouts! It was fun!!

  2. Never fails to make me smile :) I agree with Grey, you are amazing!