Monday, November 19, 2012

Washi Tape: Not A Fan

I am doing the words "under protest" today.  These are the words that are used when Boss says she wants a blog post about washi tape and how wonderful it is and I do not want to because I do not think washi tape is wonderful and in fact tastes terrible and then Boss puts her hands on her hips and gives me the frowny forehead face and reminds me where the delicious treats and bones come from.

Why we are now suddenly talking about the farm supply store down the road is a mystery to me, but I think Boss is feeling very emphatic about me writing a blog post about washi tape even if I do not want to so I will be doing the "under protest" words and moving on.

Boss also says this blog post will be easy to write because I can do the "shout out" words. "Shout out" is where you just copy a link to somewhere else and claim that you have done a blog post.  But I am a dog of integrity and will not be doing the "shout out" words.

What?  Oh.  Yes.  I will be doing the "shout out" words after all because Boss has become quite emphatic and has progressed from having a frowny forehead face to having an angry face and is also using words like "losing internet privileges" at me.  So maybe the "shout out" words are acceptable after all because I have already written a lot of words for this blog post and I have not copied any of these words from anywhere.

So Boss loves washi tape and describes it as "delicious" and "yummy" when it most certainly is not.  Most of the washi tape that Boss has comes from a place called Moose Art.  It is a shop on Etsy and I looked at it and I do not see mooses or art about mooses, so Moose Art most certainly is not who they claim to be.  You are maybe understanding why I did not want to write this blog post in the first place.  And Boss puts all of her washi tape in a holder like this one made by Stamp-n-Storage.  Finally, something that actually does make sense! Well, not the washi tape.  But Stamp-n-Storage is really a place that is what it says it is.  Which is why I am actually happy doing a "shout out" word to them.  And I am also happy to point out that the pictures that are used on that link has the hand of Boss in it!  (And the washi tape of Boss, but I am not excited about that.)  Yes!  Boss is famous and on the internet now!!!  Boss points out that The ScrapRoom stuff is also on the internet so she has been out there a little while now but I point out back that Stamp-n-Storage has her actual hand on the internet and not just pretty-paper-picture-story pages and then Boss replies that those pretty-paper-picture-story pages have her whole self shown on some of them and then I decide to not try to get the "last words" word and decide to move on.  And be done with this post.
The pink washi tape that Boss loves.  And I do not.  For many reasons.  Really, really not a fan.

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