Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is my new favorite word!  It has the words "happy" and "thankful" and "Thanksgiving" in them, which are all great words because the "Thanksgiving" word is all about being happy and thankful and decorating!  But "happythankfuldecoratinginvingness" is not easy to type or read and is on the slightly ridiculous side so I will stick with "happythankfulgivingness" and just tell you about the decorating part separately.

Boss says that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday and based on the food that is here (oh please Mr. Larry can I have one more cookie???) and the people that my people love who are here (did you know Mr. Larry will feed me all the cookies I want if I look at him with my adorableness?) and the decorating that Boss has done (which Mr. Larry looked at while eating cookies), I can believe her.

No, the head of Talker is not part of the decorations.  But he matches the "color scheme" words going on here so I would be careful if I was him.
Our thankful tree.  Which Boss totally stole the idea of from this blog post.  Boss is a stealer.  And it turns out that this new cat totally loves this thankful tree and has gotten into a lot of trouble and has made Boss cry already.  Maybe this new cat is not so smart after all.
You are supposed to write what you are thankful for on the leaves of the thankful tree. This is what Boss wrote the day after the crying incident.  You will notice that this new cat has ripped this leaf and chewed on it but Boss very cleverly fixed it and wrote a reminder to herself on it.
Player helped me with my leaf.  I can type okay but holding a pen is really difficult for me.  Thank you, Player!  Happythankfulgivingness!

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