Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday is Awesomeness

For a lot of reasons.  A LOT!  In fact, I think there are so many very good reasons that Monday is awesomeness that I will list them, in list form, in the form of a list that is list-like.  So here is the list:
  • I am writing a blog post that you can read instead of doing not very fun things like laundry, washing dishes, or petting cats.
  • I woke up this morning and discovered that I still live in a cozy house with couches that I am not supposed to be sleeping on but do.
  • I woke up this morning and discovered my people still do not know that I am sleeping on the couches!
  • I woke up this morning and discovered there is SNOW!
  • Boss took me for a walk in the snow and she liked it.  A lot.  A LOT.  
Now I have to interrupt the list to show you a picture of the walk that Boss and I took this morning in the snow.  I am very proud of Boss.  It was our very first walk together in the snow and she did really, really good.  I did not know what to expect because she had not been in the snow with me before.  I understand that at her age she has been in the snow before but I was not sure how she would be doing on a walk with me.  She is a people with *experience* which is good because I would not be happy to be having to train very new people on snow and the delights of dead snails and squirrel farts and other important things.  So Boss went on a walk and did not complain about the snow or the cold or the icy sidewalk or ANYTHING.  So I am very proud.
I am walking in the snow and guiding Boss so she does not get lost.
Back to the list of the reasons why Monday is awesomeness list:
  • Boss and Talker and Player left to go who knows where but accidentally left Big One at home.  This is actually awesomeness because he is delightful to be with.  He is very not observant and has no clue that I am on the couch in the other room while he is sticking wood pieces on the walls.
  • Big One has gas.  Yum!
  • Big One took me for a walk, too!  Turns out Big One is also very good in the snow!  I have most excellent people!!!
  • Big One has a lot of gas.  A LOT.  Big One is kind of laughing about it and I am smiling my big doggie smile because OMG awesomeness!!!!!!  I told you Big One is delightful to be with!
  • Big One is home so I am getting to be with the cats all day instead of being separated from the cats all day.  Normally you would think this is bad news but I am starting to like this new cat because he is not clawing me up as much as he used to and I am getting to play with him and gently bite him and lay on him every so often and this new cat seems to think I am super awesome fun to play with too so he is actually much smarter than I thought he might be in the beginning.
So now I will interrupt this list thing again to show you a picture of this new cat and me before I get him all full of my most excellent slobber!
This new cat tastes delicious.
And I will list even more things on the list of things that make Monday awesomeness:
  • Talker and Player came home like usual and took me for ANOTHER walk.  I know, right?  This is super duper totally awesome.  My people seem to really like walking and I will not be complaining about that at all. AT ALL.
  • And then I got a treat.  Again.  Like I always do after a walk.  Because I think that my people think I might be hungry after a walk but I am not really because I only walk at people speed, not dog speed.  So I am not really needing the "starving to death" words that Player and Talker use but I will eat the treat anyway and not complain.  
  • Boss got home finally and made dinner which was the smell of deliciousness, by the way, and then took me to the grocery store!  And the gas station!!!!  I love going for van rides.  
  • Then we got home (and I got yet another treat!) and then Boss made popcorn.  This is awesomeness because my people are not very good at eating popcorn neatly.  They are a little messy but that is okay because I am there to help them take care of popcorn messes.  I am helpful like that.  
Which leads me to my final reason why Monday is awesomeness:
  • I am awesomeness.  I am on the Monday day.  Therefore, Monday is awesomeness.  
See?  Logic.  I am a very simple dog with very smart ideas.  

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