Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Sneaks are Here!

And guess what?  The ScrapRoom thinks I am brilliant.  Because the silly secretness of the paper that is used for the sneaky pretty-paper-picture-story pages is not happening this month!  The silly secretness is gone like the squirrel farts of last winter in high breeze!  Yes!  The sneaky pretty-paper-picture-story pages have paper that is revealed... as paper!!!!  With names!!!!!


I am sorry, but I still think the whole sneaky pretty-paper-picture-story page thing is still a bit silly.  It is not sneaky at all.  We all know it is coming.  Especially me.  Because I have been watching Boss make the sneaky pretty-paper-picture-story pages and she is not especially sneaky.  No, she is not.  She does not shut the door of our hang-out room.  She does not creep in here late at night.  No.  She just works on them whenever she wants and then shows them to Player and Talker and Big One.  Not very sneaky at all.  But I will still show you the September Sneak that Boss made for The ScrapRoom.  And an extra close up!  Which is not sneaky at all!  No, it is not. It is actually even easier to see, which is not sneaky.  But I will let you decide.

WRMK Hall Pass - Back 2 School
Boss changed the color of the buttons and used the paper names as tags.  I think she is too lazy to find the right color buttons and make real tags.  But I think this is finally a little sneaky.

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