Friday, August 3, 2012

Boss Has Good Stuff

It has been a good week for Boss. Since Talker is finished and Player is lost, Boss says she is loving staying home and playing. There are two things wrong with this statement. First of all, Boss is not really home. She still spends most of the time gone somewhere else. I do not know where she is but she comes home smelling like tea, paper, and a deliciously disgusting computer keyboard. I will not pretend to guess what Boss is doing because I do not want to be accused of having bat crazy ideas. That is what the bat crazy cat does - not me. Also, when Boss says the word "play" she does not mean the good kind of play that means rolling in the grass or chasing the frisbee or teasing the cats or running from this room to that room to this room to that room over and over and over again until flopping down and having to pant a lot and making a big smile and sticky slobber at nearby people. No, when Boss says the word "play" she means the boring kind of play that means cutting paper and talking to herself and messing with the music thing and walking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth between the paper and the computer, and sometimes carrying the paper.

But I will tell you that I like it when Boss does boring playing most of the time. This is because Boss will sing and make happy faces and tell me that I am good when I am just laying there and keeping an eye on her. Boss is sometimes very simple, I think. I especially like it when Boss sings Adele at me because her happy face gets happier and she sings right at me and makes silly lovey faces. Boss singing Adele at me is much preferred to Boss singing Linkin Park at me. I close my eyes and pretend to sleep when this is happening because I am a little worried that Boss will make eye contact with me while singing Linkin Park and I will get confused by the angry noises and frowny forehead face and then I might think I am in trouble and then I might accidentally leave the room and then I won't be able to keep an eye on Boss. And that is important.

It is important for me to keep an eye on Boss because she might drop caramel corn on the floor. It is delicious and she has some in a bag by the computer. I am always listening for the sound of that bag opening because Boss can not resist my puppy-dog eyes and adorableness. She pretends to drop the caramel corn on the floor because she can not resist me. I am awesome at getting caramel corn. The other reason it is important for me to keep an eye on Boss is because she makes pretty-paper-picture-story pages that I really like and want to share with you. I will show you what she has been making this week and I am finally done waiting for the one that was on the table being worked on. I will not mention that this one took four days to finish and that I was tired of waiting for it a long time ago. I will not mention that Boss was making swearing sounds at the buttons that are on the page. I will just move on before Boss notices that I am talking about that pretty-paper-picture-story page that took forever to make.  Oh.  I think I should also remind you of the rule that Boss has about not showing people who are not our people on the pretty-paper-picture-story pages that Boss makes.  So the pretty-paper-picture-story page that I am not discussing with you?  I can not show all of it.  I can only show you the buttons that Boss made swearing noises at.

For a BasicGrey Sketch Challenge.  These are not the swearing buttons.
These are the swearing buttons!
Boss also made a few pages that are just pretty-paper and not pretty-paper-picture-stories.  I think this is interesting but confusing.  I also think it is interesting but confusing that Boss put them on the wall.  I think they are pretty but they are a little boring.  Especially since they do not feature me.  Oh!  Yes!  I think that is what would make them better.  I think I will let Boss know that I have figured out how to make the pretty-paper-hung-on-the-wall things better and more exciting!  I think you should look at these pictures and then comment that you agree with me and that these pretty-paper-hung-on-the-wall things need a picture of me added to them.  Then Boss will have to agree too and fix them!

The one Boss added BasicGrey paper to.  You can make one too!
The one Boss took a picture of, changed the colors of with the "Photoshop" word, and then reprinted small.  This is Fancy Pants Be You paper.  No, I do not understand anything I just typed.

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