Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Have Been a Little Naughty

So I was just surfing around and I accidentally got to a page that had a lot of french poodles on it.  I was not looking at them at all and it was an accident and I tried to close the page but it would not close and then Boss caught me.  And then she took away my computer privileges.  So I was the word "grounded" I guess.  Player and Talker are the word "grounded" all the time, but they are not looking at the french poodles like I was NOT.  They do other things like watch the television when they are not supposed to and do a really bad job of their jobs.  Which Boss says are related. 

Since I was grounded, I was not able to write the blog like I am supposed to.  I am very sorry about that.  But not as sorry as I am that I did not get to enjoy the poodles a little bit longer.  By accident! 

Lots of exciting things have been happening while I have been been grounded.  I will write a blog post about each one of these things later, but I will do the "foreshadowing" word and list them here:
  1. Boss is working on a big surprise.  It is a surprise, so I will not tell you that it is related to The ScrapRoom or pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  That would ruin the secret.  So I will not mention that.
  2. Big One is making a snooker table.  Please do not ask me what this is.  So far all I can tell is that it is something I am not supposed to be standing on, near, or under while Big One is working on it.  But I can tell that he needs help.  Because this is a big mess so far.
  3. Talker is running around all over the place and sweating and getting tired of running and then running some more and is missing out on a lot of play time with me.  This is called the word "cross country" and this actually makes sense because he is running across the country practically with how much he is running.
  4. Player still loves me.  A lot.  A LOT.  He is my afternoon buddy while Talker is running all over the place.  Player walks me and talks to me and plays with me.  He is awesomeness.  
And of course, the September reveal has happened at The ScrapRoom, too!  You should go check out all the wonderful pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that have been made with the paper that was not a secret last month.  If you go here, and scroll to the bottom, you can see the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that Boss made.  Boss is making a frowny forehead face at me.  She wants you to look at them all.  (But I think scrolling down gives you more time to smile at the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards that Boss made.  Just a thought.  Like when you see french poodles, you want to spend as much time as possible smiling at them.  Not that I would know, though.  Unless it was by accident.)

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