Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My People Have People!

And they have dogs!  I am very happy and excited to tell you that I have cousins!  Oh!  YES!!!  I HAVE COUSINS!!!!!!!  I did not know that this blog would be so helpful like that.  I thought I would just keep track of what my people did, and tell you, and then hope for a cupcake to come in the mail.  I never would have guessed that my cousins would read my blog and then send me email!  Oh!  YES!!!  I HAVE COUSINS!!!!!!!!  And they read my blog!

The first email that made me excited was from my cousin Milo.  I am sad but I can not find that email right now.  Boss thinks maybe she deleted it.  Oh.  This makes me sad.  I got my first ever email from my first ever cousin and Boss lost it.  Boss says she is sorry, but I think she should be very very sorry and make me cookies to cheer me up.  Oh yes.  That is a marvelous idea!

Milo came to visit me and has marvelously huge and has the most amazing floppy ears.  They are bigger than mine, and Player likes playing with them quite a bit.  My ears are smaller, but that means that they are just a little more adorable when compared to the huge velvety ears of Milo.  Milo was rescued from a shelter just like me.  That means we are the word "related" I think.  You can see in this pretty-paper-picture-story page that Boss made a while ago that both Milo and I know how to get the attention of Big One.  I think Milo is brilliant.  That means I know we are the word "related" after all!

The second email that made me excited was from my other cousin Willow.  Before she met her people, Willow used to live in a foster home when she was getting better from a broken jaw.  This hurts more than when your people accidentally trim your nails too short.  A lot more.  A LOT.  So Willow was adopted too.  And she is cute.  This means I am the word "related" to this cousin also.  I saved the emails from Willow in a clever way so that even Boss could not accidentally delete it.  I am a very clever dog.  Yes I am!

Good morning Grey,
I am told that Belle used to love old frozen pizza "circles" the cardboard trays that frozen pizzas are served on.  I bet you might like those too.  My mom says that you Boss' papers are indeed really cool and the photos of her scrapping are so creative and awesome. 
I'm looking forward to meeting you, Mom tells me about the stories you write.  I'll have to tell you about the strange dog bowl that I have someday, I bet you get a regular one, huh? They think I eat too fast so I have to have this silly  bowl with partitions in it and my nose doesn't even fit in there so I have to lick out the chunks of dog food.  Now that I am 1 year old, the chunks are bigger (I'm really not complaining here) but they are bigger and heavier for my tongue to lick up.  I just wish I could have a regular bowl.  What do you think?
Talk to you soon Grey,
Your cousin, Willow
I was so very excited to get email from my cousin Willow that I wrote her an email back right away!  I am a prompt and courteous cousin, let me tell you that!
Good morning, Willow!

Oh gosh, I am so happy to hear from you!  This is exciting learning about cousins!!!!

I am sorry to hear about your food dish.  But it sounds like your food must be more better than my food.  I do not eat it all at once.  It is not as good as cat poop out of the litter box.  Which is what Boss thinks I spoil my dinner on.  And caramel corn.  I like caramel corn.

Boss says to say hello to your people.  Boss also says that they are coming over to Milo's house sometime soon.  Maybe I can meet you at the dog park before we go back home?  I would like that a lot.  A LOT.

Your cousin, Grey
Willow and I write to each other back and forth.  I can not wait to meet her!  

Boss is making a serious face at me right now.  She says that rescuing or adopting a dog is the best way to get a dog, and I would be silly to disagree.  Because if I was not rescued, I would not be able to write a blog.  They do not allow computers at the shelter because of all the internet issues with Google searches to look at french poodles and the Timberwolves basketball team.  Yes, I am very glad to have electronics privileges.  VERY GLAD.  So you should rescue a dog from a shelter.  They would love to write a blog for you, too. 

Edited by Boss 8/16/12 10:02 AM:
I *am* really sorry I lost Milo's email... but guess what?  I found it!!!  Here it is.  Enjoy.  Now get off my back, Grey!  And I want those cookies back!!!  LOL

I enjoyed hearing from a cousin that I haven't yet met and I'm sure the two of us will have a blast together, sniffing butts. It's only a story that I hear re-told, but I have heard from Mama & Papa that the absolute worst stench in the world (on a family dog) was when MJ, the dog before me, rolled in a dead skunk. teehee. What a hoot! Doncha just wish! Anxious to meet but more anxious to return to my nap.....lovingly, Milo

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