Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Crop and a Challenge!

Boss is very happy.  It is because of a word called "crop" which involves making a large mess in our hang-out room and spending a lot of time using the computer.  And it is A LOT of time because I have had a hard time getting this blog written because Boss is being a hog of the internet. 

There is the "crop" word going on at The ScrapRoom on the message board.  Part of what a crop is, besides making a large mess and hogging the internet is another word that makes no sense with the other word:  "challenge".  Because Boss is using them together like this:  "crop challenge".  No.  It has nothing to do with a difficult farming season.  It has nothing to do with the complex process of choosing vegetables to plant in the spring.  No, it seems to have everything to do with making pretty-paper-picture-story pages following special rules.  I am confused by this.  There are not supposed to be rules for making pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  Boss says this all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  It is said often enough that I do not even pay any attention to this statement any more.  It is said so many times that the repetition of it has become repetitive and annoying.  But now Boss is excited about having rules all of a sudden.  I do not understand.

Boss says maybe an example would be a good idea.  Okay, but Boss usually has examples that are only more confusing.  We shall see.

Boss has a "challenge" word for the "crop" word.  It is a collection challenge.  Oh.  I see where this is going.  Boss thinks you should go collect a bunch of stuff for your pretty-paper-picture-story pages and make a big mess with them.  A big mess!  A BIG ONE!  EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Oh.  Boss is making a frowny-forehead face at me.  She wishes I would stop interrupting and just listen.  Fine.  I will sit here and be very quiet.  And not say a word.  And be perfectly still.  And not mention that I am a very quiet dog and a very patient dog all of the time anyway.  And be waiting quietly and patiently for Boss to explain these words to me.  Because I am a very simple dog, and ---

I am about to get into trouble.  I am being quiet.  For real.  And I will hold my mouth shut with my paw, and ---

I am trying to be quiet!!!!  I AM!  Boss says I am very trying.  I do not understand.  But she is now explaining that the collection challenge is to find a collection of things you have, and to use at least 5 items from your collection on a card or a pretty-paper-picture-story page.  That is all?  Those are silly rules.  If you want better rules, you should ask a dog.  Like me!  Because I am very clever and very smart and ---

In very much trouble.  Never mind.  Just look at these pictures that Boss made to show people how to play the "collection challenge" words.  Then go play at The ScrapRoom in the "crop" word.
Washi tape collection.  "Washi" is not a verb.  It is an adjective.  Or maybe a noun.
Button collection.   I am sure that "button" is a noun.  And they are tasty.
Ribbon collection.  I think that ribbon tastes not very good, but it is fun to chew on anyway.

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