Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There And Back Again: A Doggie Holiday

That title is the idea of Big One and it makes Boss giggle.  It has something to do with hairy feet, wizards, and a ring, but that has nothing to do with what we have been doing the last four days.  What?  It is one ring?  Well yes.  I said that.  "A ring" implies the singular, does it not?  And the word "singular" means "one", does it not?  So why are you getting snooty about one ring or a ring or any rings at all?  Especially since there were no rings on this trip.

Let me tell you that I am an awesome trip taker.  I am very good at going places and I am excellent at being the word "photogenic".  I know this is true because Boss said it herself.  So I will not take up any more time typing.  I will show you pictures, and I know that Boss is already planning pretty-paper-picture-story pages to go with them.  Because, as you will see, I am awesomeness.  And I really must point out there are no rings in any of these pictures so do not get confused by the title.

I am very proud to be at the 45°/90° intersection.  There are only 4 in the whole world and this is the only one that was visited by me.
I get my own bed at the hotel.  Poor Boss has to sleep with Big One.
We saw nine lighthouses.  They are not really this tiny, although it looks like I could eat this one for a snack.
Whitefish Dunes State Park has a dog beach.  Yes!  A dog beach!!!  Just for me!
The sign says "difficult" but I say you should just "dog up" and deal with it.
I was born to hike.  See how I blend in and look like I am one with the trail?  Awesomeness.
Turns out I am not a fan of boat rides.  I figured it out right away.  I did not need four ferry rides to decide.
Turns out I *am* a big fan of frozen custard.  I wish they would have let me try four times to be sure.
We found 15 decorated sturgeons in Sturgeon Bay.  Boss took multiple pictures of each one.  No, I guess you are not surprised.

P.S.  Talker and Player:  Please disregard the things the bat crazy cat said.  We know you are in Florida and that no one is harvesting any organs from anybody.  Boss asked me to tell you that she bought you the "salt water taffy" word and will save them for you if you are good.  Please be bad so Boss will eat them and maybe give one to me.

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