Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boss Gives Away the Good Stuff

And I am not happy.  I think Boss should give away the stuff that I do not care for.  Like the bat crazy cat.  Or this new cat.  Or the squirt bottle.  Or the word "NO!"  Or shampoo.  Or the really unfortunate rule about dogs not getting cupcakes.  But nobody asked me.  So that is why I am telling you that I think things would be better if I was asked about giving stuff away.  Because I have ideas!  Good ideas!

Boss has made things for The ScrapRoom, and has shown you how to make them, and she still thinks she needs to give them to you.  This is called the words "tutorial" and "giveaway."  It is being bossy and generous at the same time, which is not the normal way of doing things if you ask me.  But since you did not ask me, that is called "giving you my opinion."  Oh.  Boss is making a hurry-up face at me.

I think you should go check out the "tutorial" word here and then come back and click on this picture to see the "giveaway" word close up. 

And I will see about Boss letting the lucky winner have the cats also.  I will let you know how that works out.

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