Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boss Says Crops Are Awesomeness

So Boss did another crop thing at The ScrapRoom last weekend.  I know this because she spent a lot of time telling me about it.  Before it happened.  While it was happening.  And now it is over and she wants to tell me about how to write the blog post for it.

But I am being stubborness and not listening.  I will be writing my blog post my way.  This is called "being assertive."  I am liking it very much!

So while Boss natters on and on about the crop, I will be showing you the pretty-paper-picture-story pages she made in all the challenges.  Oh, and I am wagging my tail.  I used the word "natters" and it is making me smile a big doggie smile because it is a funny word to type.  Try it.  You will like it!

Sketch Challenge:  This is a page|maps sketch.  No, I am not listening to Boss.  I am just able to recognize sketches of awesomeness when I see them.  And there is Boss, all small and cute and trying to choke Brother-of-Boss.  I think she did that a lot.  A LOT.
Die Cut & Stamp Challenge:  Boss used the scary-loud Silhoutte monster to cut the title and used a delicious Evalicious stamp, too.  Hey, speaking of delicious Evalicious stamps... Laney, your delicious stamps are still sitting here!  And I checked.  They are still very delightfully tasty. 
Recipe Challenge:  You see the "recipe" word and you think food.  Well, I do.  But I was sad and disappointed and mopey when it turns out that recipe challenges only make pretty-paper-picture-story pages with a sketch, a banner, a type of fabric, and two stamps.  And even though one stamp was a delicious Evalicious one, it was still not the same as having cookies or Cool Ranch Doritos.
Mojo Challenge:  This was the challenge of Boss.  Boss said to go read this blog post and use one of the ways to get mojo to make a pretty-paper-picture-story page.  Mojo is not delicious.  I figured that out right away.  Anyway, Boss used the grids and strips method for her example.  I am still wishing I had a cookie.
Typography Challenge:  Okay, so I am really liking this pretty-paper-picture-story page about food!  Typography means food, I am sure of it.  In fact, I think it is a special word that means special food like pierogies.  And I am going to point out to you that the spell-checker for Blogger thinks that pierogies is spelled wrong and should be "groupies" instead but I am thinking that Blogger is not smart enough to know about important things like typography and pierogies and deliciousness like that.
All About Me Challenge:  Boss could not stay away from the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  I am giving her my sad puppy-dog eyes.  I think she must be addicted to the pocket pages and Evalicious goodies.  I think addiction is bad.  Except maybe when it involves french poodles.  Or white chocolate truffles.
Quote Challenge:  Boss had to go find a quote thing over at this blog and use it.  She did, but then chose to totally mess up a perfectly good picture of herself with the pixlr-o-matic picture-destroyer-thing.  If I could find that application on her desktop, I would delete it.  I am not a fan.  The pocket holds secret journaling.  I do not know what it says.  That is what the "secret" word means.
All of this paper is from The ScrapRoom.  Except I think the last one, which is from BasicGrey's Page of the Month Kit.  Which Boss gets from The ScrapRoom.  I am too lazy to tell you what paper came from what kit, though.  I am tired and need to find a sunbeam to sleep in.  Good night!

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  1. These entries are just the BEST!! Thanks Grey!!