Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boss Says We Live In A Wildlife Safari

And she is not talking about the boybarians this time!  Or me.  Or the bat crazy cat.  Or even this new cat.  No, Boss is talking about the animals that Boss and Big One see when they get in the car without me and drive who knows where and are gone all day and then I forget that I am not allowed on the furniture and then they come back home and surprise me and then I get a little embarrassed when I suddenly remember I am on the chair of Boss and should not be.

Boss will probably put these pictures in pockets later but I will not be waiting for them.  I am tired of waiting for the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages that are in pockets to be done so I can show them to you.  There are many teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages that are in pockets done already, but Boss says no.  Not an emphatic no with a frowny forehead face and hands on hips.  But a no of the kind that means "no, not until all of them are done because I am in the middle of telling a story and it would create confusion and worry if I start the story and do not finish it" with a smile and a nice scritchy-scritch right in that one spot behind my ears.  But then I remember I heard the words "confusion and worry" and now I am confused and worried!  But Boss says it is okay.  And that it will be clearer later, it is just that sometimes stories take time to tell.  I do not understand this at all.  I tell stories all the time.  They are concise and to the point.

Boss is making a throat-clearing noise that means the "get on with it" words.  So I will.  Concise and to the point!

These are swans.  They are not very good to eat because they eat mud, I guess.  (Boss says to be sure to point out that this statement is noted as an opinion and not a fact.  So, I will say that it is my opinion that they are not very good to eat.  Just to be very clear.)  And they are really not pretty right now but Boss says that is how swans are this time of year and she should know because she got schooled on swan-stuff by peoples she knows.  So now Boss is all uppity about her swan knowledge. 
I think if you look really closely at this picture of the snow taken right after the sun came up, you can see little footprints.  Boss and Big One thinks it is fox feet that made these prints.  They have seen a fox near here before and Boss would love to see it again since she now has her camera with her everywhere she goes.
This mink is running in the yard of a place called "work".  Boss and Big One go to this yard a lot and do not get yelled at to go away already so the "work" people must be really quite friendly.  I should try to find it sometime to see if they have any extra bacon they would like to share.
These are turkeys.  They look like they taste delicious.  This is my opinion.  But Boss says it is also a fact.  Boss says it is also a fact that these turkeys were so busy being fluffy that they did not get out of the way of a very large semi-truck so all the cars and trucks had to slow way down and go around these fluffy tasty turkey birds.

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