Monday, March 4, 2013

The March Reveal Is Happened

Boss says the title of my post is wrong.  But it is not.

The ScrapRoom reveal is happened.  I can show you.  See?

Boss says that I am right, but I typed it wrong.  But I did not.

The ScrapRoom reveal is happened.  All of those are words.  I even used the goodest grammar.

Boss says that I am doing a wonderful job and is going to go make some popcorn.  Boss is laughing because I am the bestest dog ever and I make her very happy!

Elle's Studio Day to Day:  This is a great pretty-paper-picture-story page!  It is all about blood and stuff!  And Boss when she was small and cute.  Uh.  Because now Boss is tall and gorgeous now!  Small and cute is not very great.  (Boss is giving me the squinty eyeball look but I think I did a good job of the "sucking up" words.)
More words cut with the loud and scary Silhouette monster.  Not even popcorn can make me brave enough to stay with Boss when the noises happen.  I mean, if I was telling a story about a not very brave dog, this is what I would say.  I am awesomeness and would never leave the side of Boss.  Except when I get thirsty from the popcorn and I have to go get a drink and maybe that is when the monster noises happen.
So if you think that little speech bubble and stickers are very awesomeness, I am going to tell you a secret.  The secret is that Boss tried to write on the paper and messed it up and had to find something to cover it.  It turned out better this way says Boss.  Boss calls it the "serendipity" word.  I say "are you kidding me?  we do not make up words around here."
Boss made a planner because she is not capable of dealing with unstructured free time.  That is what she said.  I know, crazy, right?  I am totally comfortableness with doing what I want when I want.  I am pretty much perfect like that.
A date is something you do when you have time off of work and need to go buy toilet parts from Menards.  If you get a fancy coffee before the toilet parts and lunch after the toilet parts, that makes the toilet parts very much a minor thing and then the day out is a date.  I think this is how it works for married people.  People who are not married have better dates than this.
Some of the last little bits of the Elle's Studio kit made a card.  I ate a few of the other bits that fell on the floor and Boss said that was okay.  I thought they were popcorn at first.
American Crafts My Girl (and one sheet of Echo Park Paper Photo Freedom):  Boss made this using The ScrapRoom sketch for March.  She made this pretty-paper-picture-story page two times.  The first time was pretty awfulness.  And made Boss say swear words.  But Boss peeled the picture and words card off one piece of grey cardstock and stuck it on another piece of grey cardstock and it was suddenly wonderfulness.
Boss made washi tape out of paper.  Because she does not seem to have enough washi tape already.  Whatever.
More of the ridiculous washi tape made out of paper.  Sewing on it does not make it any better.
This is an extra big pretty-paper-picture-story page for The ScrapRoom.  It is a double 12x12 which is pretty big for Boss, but is the most perfect size for a recipe card.  Whatever that means.  Boss is into adorable little 8.5x11 size pretty-paper-picture-story pages so it hurts her brain a little to work bigger.  And then it hurts her brain some more to take it apart and make it small to fit into her books.  But that is what Boss likes to do.  And it is a good idea to not question Boss about pretty-paper-picture-story pages because she says she knows what she is doing, and then gives you the frowny forehead face.
Boss loves the pleated and stitched paper.  It makes her giggle.  I have seen this.  A lot.  A LOT!
This card has almost all of the last bits of the American Crafts kit on it.  Boss did have a few extra but I did not get to eat those.  I think they went directly into the recycle bin.  Boss was sad.  Boss really liked this kit even though Player and Talker were not happy to be on pages with pink and flowers.

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