Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boss Rocks the Mini

Um, what?

Seriously people.  Try living here.  I think Boss speaks English words.  I am pretty sure of it.  But I am very much not so sure sometimes.

Boss rocking the mini makes no sense.  She cannot play the guitar and dirt and stuff is not allowed anywhere near the good stuff of Boss.  So it must be some kind of the words young people use nowadays and Boss is not aware of how old she really is.  Perhaps it is the "mid-life crisis" words I have been hearing about.  Excuse me while I quick check the Rolling Stone magazine in the bathroom.

Ah yes.  Boss is trying to be hip.  (She also is hogging the magazine.  And saying that Billie Joe is hotness.  I am not so sure about that.  He looks to be an average temperature.)


If you have been able to find Boss at Evalicous, then you will have seen a few of these pages in this mini.  That is what I will be calling "a sneak peek" because I have the "full exclusive content" words for you today!  (See, I have learned something from reading Rolling Stone and other magazines around here.)  Enjoy this in depth look at the mini of Boss and then you can like us on Facebook!  Actually, no, you cannot.  I got carried away.  Facebook is a topic for another day.  (After I figure it out.)

This is a "Love You To Pieces" Evalicous mini that Boss added My Mind's Eye The Sweetest Thing paper to.  And some other cardstock and alpha stickers and twine and ribbons and things.  Which are completely boring to me unless I get to eat them.  And Boss said the "no" word, very emphatically, even though this mini is on a plate.  I so do not get this woman.  And I am not going to say stuff for every picture because there are a lot of them.  A LOT.  I do not type very fast, so this would be the "hardship" words.
I do not have anything to say about this picture except that it is redundant.
Boss is not adorable.  But I am.
Boss is very much excitedness about doing the reverse diecut thingy with the Silhouette monster.  I am not a fan.
Boss did this page over many times.  There was a hate thing happening.  I left the room.  I was going to check for intruders, I think.  Because that would be more friendly than Boss at the time.
Boss loves messes and recipe cards.  And me.  But I am not in these pictures for some reason.
I have nothing to say about this page.  Remember, I am not going to comment on all the pictures.  There are too many.
Boss made Talker write on this page.  She was nervous.  I am not sure why.  I think Talker said only nice things.
Yes, I was right!  Talker is such a good story teller!
So I am not happy.  This is puppy chow but they did not let me have any.  NONE.  I will be calling my congressman.  Once I figure out how to use the phone.  Hm.  Perhaps a simple e-mail will suffice.
Oh.  Boss got some pink in here.  Not a fan.  Moving on.
Talker is a little tall in this picture.  He says it is because his clothes are too small.  I do not understand this.
Um, yes.  The gluten free rolls were not good.  I smelled them when they got dumped in the trash.  Even I have standards.
I am not commenting on this love note.  It is mushy.  I am not a fan of mushy.  Unless the mush is directed my way, but it is NOT.  Moving along!
This is how Boss cheats AND is mean.  She made a menu for Big One for Christmas and then took it back from him and put it in this book as a page.  So Big One did not even get to keep his Christmas present.
I have nothing to say about this page.
Bacon.  Enough said.  HAHAHA!  It is exactly what Boss said!  I am a genius.
Boss wrote the word "butt" and has a picture of meat.  This is my most favorite page of this mini!  That is an exclusive comment from me.  I will be tweeting about that later.  Oh.  Wait.  No.  I will not.  I do not know how to tweet.  I got a little carried away again with my social media references.
The meat is here again but is not quite as delicious.  I am a fan of meat with blood.  But in a pinch, I will eat meat that is cooked.  Or stolen.
This page is also one that I will not be making a comment about.  It is hard to be clever all the time.
Big One enjoys the milk glass, I think.  Apparently the collection in the cabinet is belonging to Big One and not Boss like I thought.  Oh, what?  Oh.  Boss put the arrow in the wrong place.  Big One likes moose.  Meese.  Mouses.  Whatever.
So Boss loves me.  She wrote it for all the world to see.  I *am* pretty much marvelousness.
Boss is using the "sense of humor" words here.  That explains why Boss has a blue thumb also.

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