Monday, October 29, 2012

Bad Ideas and Good Ideas

I think you will know what I am thinking is a bad idea.  Yes.  You do.  We all know that asking the bat crazy cat and this new cat to write a few simple blog posts is a really bad idea but Boss is not listening to this information.  Boss is giving me the frowny forehead face and I only just started to mention that the bat crazy cat is really going too far this time and that this new cat is going to have to do something more than just eat my food - YES, MY FOOD! - and lay around getting fat and more fat and someday incredibly fat.  I am only just beginning to mention that the bat crazy cat has not only gone too far this time but is also making me want to bite him.  But I will make it look like an accident and then Boss will not yell at me and then the bat crazy cat will have something to think about besides his bat crazy conspiracy theories!  Although me biting him accidentally on purpose may actually be a conspiracy and I do not want to encourage him.  No.  Not one little bit.  So I will now discuss good ideas because Boss is getting more than slightly irritated with this talk of me biting the bat crazy cat, even only by accident on purpose and maybe just a little harder than necessary.

So the good idea is going on vacation with my people!  Which unfortunately is related to the bad idea of having the bat crazy cat and this new cat write blog posts, but I will not be discussing that any further except to say that maybe next time we will go on vacation to a place with wi-fi.  I mean really.  Can you believe there are places in the world with no wi-fi or hot spots?  My people are also living in the dark ages with no-G phones.  Oh!  Yes!  I just made a very funny joke about cell phones and the technology my people do not have!  Oh!  My tail is wagging a lot.  A LOT!  I am a very clever dog, I think.  And Boss is trying to maintain a frowny forehead face but is failing so I know I am funny if Boss laughs. 

Where we were on vacation is the North Shore.  It is in heaven, says Boss, but I thought it might take longer than five hours to drive there and then I would think that we would not come back from heaven as I thought it was supposed to be a one-way trip.  But maybe this is what is called an analogy.  Or a simile.  Or some other part of the English language that they do not teach dogs.  We are really too simple to learn some of that grammar stuff.  Anyway.  Boss took a few pictures.  Like a few hundred pictures.  And turned some into pretty-paper-picture-story pages already!  Which is also a very good idea.  And some of the pretty-paper-picture-story pages are already being shown at The ScrapRoom!  Which is a very, very good idea.  And finally the best good idea of all time is that the one at The ScrapRoom right now has me on it.  I am a big fan of this! 

You can go to The ScrapRoom blog to see this pretty-paper-picture-story page if you want.  Or you can stay here and look at it.  Either way, I am the best looking dog you will see.  No matter where you go.  I promise.
Here I am again!  Click on me so you can see me extra close up.  I am extra handsome the closer you look.

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  1. OMG! Grey! You are an amazing writer!!! So, how much does the Boss drink when she is scrapping??? Don't worry, your secret is safe with us...I mean me! LMAO!