Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Replacement Refs Here

Or any refs of any kind to be precise.  Except I do not know what a ref is, exactly.  Or how to replace one.  Perhaps it is a kind of yucky vegetable?  Like beets.  Player has told me that beets are not exactly his favorite vegetable.  In fact, Player likes no vegetables whatsoever, so now I am pretty sure that the word "refs" is a code word for "vegetable".  I will ask the bat crazy cat her opinion about that tomorrow.

Anyway.  We have no refs, replacement refs, or vegetables of any kind here.  Oh.  Except the ones that Boss makes everyone try.  Player said something funny about vegetables once and now we all get to hear it every time the vegetables come to the table.  One time Player said, "Woman!  Are you trying to kill me!" and it was about beets, and everyone laughed.  Even Boss.  And then she made Player eat the beets anyway and he did not die but he really really wanted to.

So the replacement ref vegetables are not at our house.  I know this because I have been watching the football game that Big One, Talker, and Player have in our yard and I know I would see killer beets if they were around.  All I have seen are my people laughing, running, throwing balls, and running into each other.  Boss calls this "wrestling" if my people are in the house and she gets very very angry.  Boss calls this "football" if my people are out of the house and comes out to get pictures.  I do not understand Boss about this.  But then again, she tried to kill Player with beets.

This happened right before Boss got in the way and was forced to run to the side squealing like a girl.  I wagged my tail a lot.  A LOT.  It was funny.  But do not tell Boss I said so.

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