Friday, September 14, 2012

Boss Is A Little Bit Clever

Boss is the words "on fire" today, she says.  I was a bit concerned at first, but I am thinking she is exaggerating a bit.  As usual.  But Boss has done something very nice for me, so I will be appreciating it and sharing it with you.  And it involves the "Photoshop" word, and Boss was making happy noises while doing it, so I am not sure but I think maybe this means that the end of the world really is going to happen after all.  I am a little sad about that because I have not yet had a cupcake in my whole entire life and now the world is going to end because Boss did not make swearing noises at the "Photoshop" word.

But what Boss has done is pretty neat and should be enjoyed before the world ends.  Look!  My tail is wagging!  Boss made pretty-paper-picture-story pages with people who are not our people all blurred out like all the windows around here!   So I can share them with you!  And it is done with the "Photoshop" word and not my slobbery drool like I use on the windows!  And apparently it was super easy because even Boss can do it!

Boss used a sketch to make these.  And since it worked once, she decided to just go with it and get a lot of pretty-paper-picture-story pages done.  Boss is a big fan of page|maps sketches... and this is the one she used from July 2012.  Over and over.  In an annoyingly repetitive fashion.  Three times.

page|maps... Boss says she loves you.  She is a little awkward like that.  Sorry.
I think if you squint hard enough you can kind of imagine that this might be the inspiration for these pretty-paper-picture-story pages with people who are not our people all blurred out on them.  Huh?  Oh!  I was right!  Boss said to turn your head sideways and then it is easier to see.

Boss likes the pink shirt because then she could use her favorite pink washi tape.  Talker is not a fan.  Neither am I.  Pink is not for boy dogs.
Boss wants to redo this one.  She is not a fan of the paper.  Player and I think she is wrong.  More awkwardness by Boss.
Remember how Boss claims to be the word "on fire"?  I think this is really just a way of saying "not doing much cooking or cleaning but spending a lot of time making pretty-paper-picture-story pages about baseball while waiting for the end of the world" because this is the next pretty-paper-picture-story page about baseball that Boss made.

More washi tape.  I think Boss has a problem.  I will have to Google some intervention later.
And remember my title?  You might think that the pretty-paper-picture-story pages with people who are not our people all blurred out are all that I am impressed with.  But no.  I think I will need to point out that all of these pretty-paper-picture-story pages have three things:  baseball (which is not simple - see my earlier posts on the topic), washi tape (which I am afraid will be a blog topic someday), and pockets.  Yes!  Pockets!  Check out the pockets!  Yes.  Boss is a little bit clever.  But do not tell her.  She will get awkward on you. 

These papers just sit behind the pretty-paper-picture-story page in the page protector.
A sneaky pocket holds this folded up paper.  Boss says the color is horrendous.  Player and I do not agree.
This pretty-paper-picture-story page is connected to a piece of cardstock at the bottom.  Like a file folder.  Whatever that is.

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