Monday, September 17, 2012

Snooker is Stupid

Hey, I know, because I have seen this snooker table get built and used and I really think the whole thing is stupid.  Plus, I got the "NO!" word said to me a lot when my people were working on it.  A LOT.  Plus, I am not allowed to be on the table, but the cats are.  Plus, this snooker table seems to make my people cry and complain when they use it.  So I am thinking it is stupid.  But Big One and Talker and Player are all happy except when they are crying and complaining so maybe this is a people thing that simple dogs will not understand.

Big One wanted me to write a blog post about how fantastic this snooker table is but I can not.  I am a dog and dogs do not lie.  Even when we want to.  Like when Big One asks me if I have ever seen such a wonderful snooker table.  Um.  No.  I have not seen a wonderful snooker table.  Including this one.  But I can share pictures of all the building that Big One and Talker and Player did for two whole weekends instead of playing with me.  No I am not bitter.  Not at all.  Stupid snooker table.

They are not doing a very good job of hiding.  I can still see them.  I am worried that the table is upside-down right now.
Big One puts the frame together.  He is also telling me the "NO!" word probably.
Big One and Player add the wood pieces to the stupid snooker table instead of playing with me.
Player looks at the level.  And does not play with me.
Big One is putting the slate together with beeswax.  First I got the "NO!" word when my people were lifting the slate.  Then I got the "NO!" word when I tried to taste the beeswax.  Stupid snooker table.

Big One stretches the felt.  This apparently takes angry swearing noises to work right.
Big One puts the rails on the stupid snooker table and the bat crazy cat is probably thinking about her stupid (not) missing kidney.

Finally done.
Now do you think they will play with me?  No.  Because Player, Big One, and Talker will play with the stupid snooker table.  Instead of me.  I want to go outside and I am being ignored.  See?  SEE???

Big One breaks.  But nothing actually is broken.  Whatever.  I am not a fan of this whole thing.
More playing with the stupid snooker table.  I am going to bed.


  1. Poor neglected :) Looks like they did a great job on the "stupid snooker table"!

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