Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Talker!

So today Talker is 14.  In dog years, that is 14.  Sorry, people, but 14 years is 14 years and I am not living in some kind of space-time continuum or wormhole that somehow bends time.  (Is that not like the coolest sentence you have ever read?  I am very excited to be able to watch some really wonderful television shows called "Star Trek" and "Farscape" in the afternoons.  I am very interested in television now and am happy to go outside for walks at night because I am looking for aliens and tribbles.  Television is awesomeness!  I think Boss has the wrong opinion about television, but I will just mind my manners about that.)

For the birthday dinner for Talker, all of my people went to a place called Buffalo Wild Wings where Talker ate chickens and french fries and watched all of the televisions they have there, which is a lot.  A LOT.  I know this is true because Boss took pictures and told me it is annoying with all the televisions there but also somewhat wonderful because it is like she is at dinner by herself and does not have to listen to the jokes of 11 and 14 and 40 year old boys.  Apparently the televisions are so very fascinating and can not be ignored with all of their sports, fish, and sports shows on all the time. 
Talker wanted the crown because he is a wing nut.  I guess.
The next thing my people did was to take Talker to Dairy Queen.  I think "Buffalo" and "Dairy" are cow words, so I think Talker had a cowboy birthday.  I think this makes sense.  Except Talker does not like country music so I am not sure why Boss would think he would want a cowboy birthday.  He is also a little old for a cowboy party based on what the television says during the day on what is called "talk shows".  I am learning a lot about what is going on with people and dysfunctional relationships during the day while everyone else is gone doing who knows what without me.  I know dysfunctional.  I am living it every day from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Oh, and I am learning how to tell time during the fun morning shows.  I am maybe not so simple after all!
Talker eating ice cream and laughing at Big One and his not-very-funny joke (says Boss).  But I think Big One is hilarious.
At this point you may be wondering why I am not all whiny and sad about not getting ice cream and how this birthday thing is not my favorite thing at all.  AT ALL.  But guess what????   I GOT AN ICE CREAM CONE OF MY VERY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALKER!!!
I ate it so fast I accidentally ate the paper.  But it was tasty anyway.  I liked it.  I love my people!


  1. Hey, come on! All my jokes are funny!

  2. That's what my misguided husband says too :) My daughter and son have October birthdays and are turning 14 and 16 this year!

    1. Oh wow! Do you think they will need help eating ice cream? I am very awesome good at that.