Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sneak Peek Week is Here!

Boss loves this week.  Every month. Throughout the year.  Oh hey!  My tail is wagging because that is a rather silly couple of sentences I think.  But it is true.  Boss has always loved Sneak Week at The ScrapRoom even before she had pretty-paper-picture-story pages to be sneaky about.  And now that Boss has sneaky pages for Sneak Week, I get to share them with you!

Here is the pretty-paper-picture-story page that Boss made out of Pebbles Walnut Grove.  Uh.  Rocks and trees is what I am thinking about but I am not seeing it.  Oh!  What I am seeing is that one of the people that my cousin Milo has is in this pretty-paper-picture-story page!  That is exciting!  That is a Milo people, so she is our people too.  Hi Milo people that is our people too!  (That grammar is somewhat confusing to me, so I hope you can follow it.  I am only a very simple dog.)

The pretty-paper-picture-story page made out of rocks and trees.  I think.
Boss did not plan well.  She ran out of room for the story, so she made a tag and stuck it behind one of the people of my cousin Milo.

This is a title.  And math.  Math is too hard for a very simple dog.

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