Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boss Is Lucky I Know How To Blog

Because that is the big secret that is now not a secret!  Boss is being in charge of the blog over at The ScrapRoom!  Yes, she is!  And are you laughing right now like I am?  Yes!  YES!  Because Boss is not very good at doing a blog at all, and now she has to act like she is knowing what she is doing in front of all the other people who like pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards just as much as she does.  This is called the words "faking it" and "glad that the dog knows how to blog". 

I am very proud of Boss.  She has only cried a little bit, thrown up once, and made angry faces 14 times.  That is after two blog entries, so I think she is doing pretty good.  For Boss.  But when Boss get frustrated, she goes and reads this blog post and all the very nice comments at the bottom.  (I especially like that Beth person because she mentions me.  Except she does not seem to understand that I am writing the blog and helping Boss with The ScrapRoom one. I am the clever one here.)

So Boss reads that post and then she is not so scared or begging me to help her.  As much.  I think she will get the hang of it and be better after a little while.  But I am really getting tired of Boss asking questions without even looking at the FAQ.  That is what it is there for, already.  Geez.  Uh oh.  Boss has a determined look on her face and is headed toward the computer.  I think I will go crawl behind the couch and pretend to nap. 

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