Thursday, August 1, 2013

Augustness At The ScrapRoom!

Happy August to you!  Boss was doing many happy noises this month with The ScrapRoom kit and I heard her say the "happy August to me" words.  To herself.  Not me.  Boss was talking to herself and not me and was happiness about August paper and stuffses that comes with paper.  Which would be a kit.  Or I guess multiple kits?  Anyway, Boss loves the Augustness that came in the mail to her a couple of weeks ago and made some really great things to show you.  I am particularly fond of these pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards.  It could be because I look great with the Augustness from The ScrapRoom.  But you can decide for yourself.  Remember to click on the pictures to see me bigger and cuter!  I mean, click on the pictures to see the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards of Boss bigger and cuter.  Especially if you see me.

Pebbles Mayberry:  This pretty-paper-picture-story page was all done and then Player had to notice it and ask a question.  And then Boss had to make the background all over again.  Because apparently Player is adorableness.  This I agree with.  I do not agree that flowers are appropriate photography subjects however.
Pebbles Mayberry:  Oh, this card made Boss swear.  She had the brilliant idea to make confetti with the scraps of Mayberry and the Cinch machine thing she has... but when she was getting ready to make confetti with the scraps of Mayberry she dropped the tray of confetti that was already in the Cinch thing and it went everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Every time I lay down on the floor, I have little paper dots stuck to me and my nose usually has one or two dots on it too.  I am eating them accidentally because of this.  I have a party inside me, apparently.
Fancy Pants Wonderful Day:  I am going to tell you a secret.  And do not tell Boss because she will be irritatedness if she finds out I have told the secret.  The secret is that this pretty-paper-picture-story page looks like a 12x12 double but it is actually a 8.5x8.5 double.  Yes, that is right!  Boss did a tricky thing so it will be easier to turn this into a 8.5x11 double when she is done taking a picture of the 12x12 double.  I mean, the 8.5x8.5 double.  To me I think it would be easier to just do 8.5x11 size pretty-paper-picture-story pages to start with and just be done with all the size changes.  Boss says she agrees.  Aha!  I am brilliant.  But you knew that.  Boss rolls her eyes at me and says there is more to the story but this caption is already ridiculousness long already. 
Fancy Pants Wonderful Day & The ScrapRoom Sketch:  Now here is a topic worthy of photography.  Hamburger wrappers!  You know I am a fan of the wrapper.  Oh yes.
Fancy Pants Wonderful Day:  Gift tags made with the scary loud cutter thing.  I had to leave the room during this part of the creativeness happening with the scraps of this kit.  So I cannot comment on anything about it.  Except there is twine.  And it is not tasty.
Project Life Kit:  Boring plants.  Again.  Next!
Project Life Kit:  Well.  Not plants.  But dirt and wine.  Nearly as boring.  Next!
Project Life Kit:  YES!!!!!  There I am, in all my adorableness!  I told you I looked delightful in the Augustness of The ScrapRoom.  Wait.  Hold on.  Is that... ?  Was I... ?  Oh no.  That picture did not happen.  I was framed!  I would never never NEVER snuggle up to this new cat!!!  I did not know he was there, I swear!!!!!  Although he is wonderfully fluffy and soft to lay on.

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