Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boss Gets Deep and Has Some Kind of Revelation

And Boss not the only one who has been learning things about themselves.  I have some big-time revelations myself.  Can you believe that just this week I finally discovered that grasshoppers are absolute yumness?  And that at night they are slow and not so hoppy and much much easier to stalk and jump on chew on in great thoughtfulness?  And that if I eat lots and lots of grasshoppers because there are so many and they are so slow and not so hoppy at night and I stalk them one by one and chew them up very carefully and thoroughness... I will yak them all up.  Yes I will!  And then, the most amazingness thing of all is this:  they are just as tasty if you eat them right away after you yak them up.  Yes!  Can you believe this?  I know!  I have had a wonderful week of discovery and deep thinking and revelations. 

And so has Boss.  But she had to take a class to do this deep thinking and revelation stuffses.  It was a class over at Big Picture Classes and it was taught by Stacy Julian and Boss followed almost all of the instructions.  She really was going to follow all of them and trust Stacy because Stacy said to do that because taking a class is all about learning new things so just go with her on this one already, but the problem is that the happy color of Boss is white.

No, I can not explain this any better.  And I did use the most correctness of words.  This happy color has to be on every pretty-paper-picture-story page on the book that boss made in the class of Stacy, but sometimes the background of the paper also had to be white, so Boss did the "improvisation" word which means adding more patterned paper than necessary and skipping a step.  But she really did follow most of the rules and is a very much happiness Boss:  both with the book thing and in her heart and mind.  (This last part is all the words of Boss.  I can not write such sappy ridiculousness myself.)

And now here is the book of Boss with the deep revelations.  Click each picture to read horribly girly Boss journaling words if you have the time and the tissue things.

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