Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vegetables Are Being Eaten Here

I may have to revisit my apocalyptic warnings.  I know I said that I was wrong about the end of the world, and the world ending, but I may actually be wrong about being wrong.  This would make me mistaken.  And in error.  Or just maybe I can say the "upon further review" words.  (Yes, that is a football reference.  My people are already starting to talk about football here.  Yes, I know.  The Lions are probably going to make Big One cry again.  But he has a tender heart, yes he does.  And those Lions just keep breaking it and and stomping on it and being mean and I would do something about it but have you seen those National Geographic specials?  Lions are bigger than me.  I am sorry, but they will bite me and eat my head for a snack.  So I will just comfort Big One during the football season that is to come.  I will be adorableness and he will not think about how I am not doing the killing and eating thing to the Lions.)

And the killing and eating thing is happening here with the vegetables.  And it is everybody who is doing it, not just Boss, and not just because she has sharp knives and no one else does.  It is because somehow vegetables from the farm are delicious.  And tasty.  And... and... no.  I just cannot comprehend this.  But I have seen it.  And Boss has pictures.  Of, yes, vegetables.  And the foods that are made with the vegetables.  Boss has finally found a way to get me to not ask for people food.  Feeding me lettuce is not funny.  No, it is not.

These are some vegetables that come from the rebelSoil farm place thing down the road.  Boss and Big One get to choose all the vegetables that come in the box and the box is picked up every Tuesday.  And you can bet Boss will be doing a lot of vegetable things Tuesday evenings around here.
These are some more of the vegetables that come from the rebelSoil farm place thing which are brought home in the box on Tuesday.  Fennel was not very good.  But the peas were.  I guess.  This is what Boss said as she ate all the peas at once when she unpacked the box.  Big One was slightly annoyed.  Actually, a lot annoyed.  A LOT.  Yes, that is right.  Big One was mad that Boss ate all the peas.  The end of the world is coming.  For reals this time.
And yet even more vegetables that come from the rebelSoil farm place thing which are brought home in the box on Tuesday.  And Boss ate all those peas too.  She was unrepentant.  They have all been enjoying the cabbages, kohlrabi, and radishes that Boss turned into slaw, and the rainbow chard has been a very pleasant surprise.  Again, this is what my people are saying.  I would not say or eat any of this ridiculousness.
Boss made quiche with rainbow chard, tarragon, and bacon (she says "real live quiche" but I really think it was probably technically dead).  Friend-the-deadly called out Boss for making vegetables edible by using bacon.  Boss said a vegetable is a vegetable even if it touches bacon.  And then she said the "neener neener" words.  I wagged my tail a lot.  A LOT.
The salad and the herbs in the dressing and the green stuffses in the pasta came from the farm.  The green stuffses are broccoli rabe and Boss is a huge fan now.  Even if she is not sure how to spell it and now I will look like a stupid dog with limited vocabulary and poor spelling skills because she will not go get the dictionary for me.
Boss is proud of this dish.  She made it up herself and will share the recipe with the rebelSoil farm peoples.  It is what Boss is calling a "Southern skillet" and has more of the lovely bacon and mustard greens and cornbread all in one pan.  Mustard greens are supposedly tasty also but again I am seriously doubting this as my people are perhaps a bit addled by all the vegetables around here.
The spring greens mix is amazing, says Boss, and so everyone eats salads around here.  A lot.  A LOT.  This is a taco salad.  No, the avocado did not come from the farm.  And neither did the tomato, but Boss says tomatoes are coming very very soon.  Oh boy.  (This is sarcasticness.)
And yet another salad with even more of the supposedly amazing spring green mix.  This is a chicken Caesar salad.  Big One grilled the chicken himself and actively participated in making and eating this salad.  And Big One and Player took seconds of it.  I mean, really?  Yes.  The end of the world is coming, and it is coming SOON.

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