Monday, August 12, 2013

So What Exactly is Boss Up To?

Boss is acting strangely.  Yes, strangely even for Boss.  She is gone more often, but talks about having more time.  She makes pretty-paper-picture-story pages a lot but talks about making them for just herself pretty soon.  She says she loves organizing but took her washi tape and ink pad holder down.  She is spending time making a book about being sad.  And the most odd thing of all is that Boss is happy about all of this.  Maybe happier than ever before. 

I know, right?

Oh dear.  Boss caught me looking at her with very sad and worried eyes.  "Goodness," Boss says.  "Whatever is the matter, baby Greybie?"  Oh goodness is right.  Boss just exposed my special name to the world.  The universe, even!  I hope the next door neighbor dogs do not read this blog post.  I hope that the french poodles think it is adorable.  I hope that Boss will be explaining herself to me.  Yes, I do.

Boss is exasperatedness now.  "Greybie baby," she says (in complete and total disregard of the toughness that I am).  And then she does the explaining thing.  Oh!  I am so much happier!  In fact, there is so much good stuffses in the works, I will have many many blog posts to write about very soon.  I will do the foreshadowing and hinting words so you will know what is going on here!  These are the blog post titles I think.  I think you will find them quite excitingness and revealing!
  1. Boss Calls A Time Out
  2. Boss Spends Ridiculous Amounts of Time Painting Things That Were Perfectly Fine Already
  3. Boss Gets Deep and Has Some Kind of Revelation
  4. And of course all of the Teeny Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Page things
  5. And also all the regular pretty-paper-picture-story pages and other stuffses... like these!

Fall 2009:  Aw, it is Player sick.  Again, apparently.  And in the hospital place.  Again, apparently.  Boss is not having patience with this sort of behavior.  I am sure Player is going to behave better from here on out.
Thanksgiving 2009:  So Boss says she can not help it but somehow this pretty-paper-picture-story page turned blue and pink and not the proper Thanksgivingness colors.  She said she tried but got irritatedness at the horrid color combinations and just went with this instead.  I agree that pink is not the proper color for this pretty-paper-picture-story page.  In fact, I agree that pink is never the proper color for anything. 
Camping 2009:  This is a camping book that Boss made from BasicGrey papers and lots of delicious Evalicious goodies.  This is the last Evalicious project that Boss made.  She says she adored the team and learned a lot about paint and how Evalicious goodies go with everything.  EVERYTHING.  Boss says six months go very very quickly if you are not paying attention.
Camping 2009:  So I think I see Talker being badness.  And somehow Boss lets this be in her very pretty and girly book.  I do not understand her sometimes.
Camping 2009:  Oh!  I see now!  Big One, Boss, Player, and Talker are all being silly and foolish.  I can tell you because I know this because I have seen it myself:  sometimes my people get silly when they are camping.  Just saying.
Spring 2013:  These are the peoples of Mr. Larry.  They are seriously unhappiness about the pink.  Uncle Martin said so himself.  He says that the pink is not matching his hat.  I totally agree.  See my earlier comments about pink and how it is never appropriate on a pretty-paper-picture-story page no matter what Boss thinks.
Summer 2013:  Seriously?  More pink?  I think maybe I should have named this blog post "Boss Uses Too Much Inappropriate Pink" except in this one example Boss is probably somewhat justifiedness to use the pink color.  But I still do not like it.

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