Friday, June 28, 2013

Playing Catch Up Is Not A Fun Game

So one of the things I am supposed to do around here besides killing and eating intruders is to share the pretty-paper-picture-story pages of Boss when she gets them done.  But if I am sleeping or chewing on my favorite bone, I am not so good at remembering the killing, eating, or sharing thing very well.  I have tried giving Boss the puppy dog eyes and whining a little (but only a little, and only in a cute little delicate way and not annoying at all) when she looks at me in all exasperatedness when my blog posts are devoted to squirrels and hamburger wrappers instead of her very nice pretty-paper-picture-story pages but that only works for so long and then I have to focus on doing whatever it was I promised in the first place.

I think I promised to eat lots of cupcakes.  Yes, that seems reasonable. 
October 2000:  This picture is so old that it was almost taken in the 1900s.  They almost did not have cameras back then.  They certainly did not have any fashion sense, that is for sure.   And now Boss is giving me the squinty eyeball and frowny forehead look.  She says she was hot.  I guess I would be hot too if I had to wear a plastic-y looking jacket.  Except I am sure plastic was not invented back then.  Oh, and Boss would like me to tell you where the papers came from.  This is from The ScrapRoom.
June 2009:  Again with Boss and more hotness.  Because this is Florida in the summer!!!  That is crazy hotness.  Boss is a big fan of this kit from The ScrapRoom.  It is Maggie Holmes which is just the style of Boss.  Which is a nice way of saying too many patterns mixed together, but you did not hear that from me.
October 2009:  Boss insists that you can take any impossible photo to match colors to and there will be BasicGrey paper that is perfectness.  And awesomeness.  And BasicGreyness!  So you will not be surprised that Boss got this paper from BasicGrey in a Page of the Month Kit.  She is a fan.  A really big fan.  They are named after me, I think.
November 2009:  Okay, so Boss is really excited about sequins.  She got this kit from Cocoa Daisy and it came with sequins.  Which she did not like at first.  But it was because she was very much not understanding how to use them without using the swearing words.  But then Boss did the google thing and found out that glossy accents is a good glue.  Which made her say the "duh" word.  Oh, about the Cocoa Daisy kit?  Boss can not help it.  She loves paper.  All paper.  And she loves kits.  She can not help it.  She tried to feel bad about loving more than one paper kit company but she can not do that either.  She says she is good at loving more than one thing at one time because she has me and the boybarians.  And the cats I suppose.
July 2010:  So this is Boss fishing and being amazing at it.  I know, right?  She is almost a better boybarian than the boybarian horde themselves.  But do not tell them I said so.  Oh, and this paper came from The ScrapRoom.  It is October Afternoon and Boss adores it also. 
August 2010:  Did you know we have very many most wonderful and awesomeness God-kids?  Well, it is true.  This is the Alex one.  Boss used a kit from the Paper Bakery and their sketch thing.  Yes, that is right.  Boss is now getting lots and lots of paper and refuses to be ashamed by that nonsense.  She says it is very much creative sparkness and opens her eyes to new ways of doing things.  I think she is just using the excuse words but whatever.
August 2010:  More of the most excellent ScrapRoom paper and the most excellent camping stuff that Boss and Big One and Talker and Player enjoy.  I have gone camping two times already and agree that it is pretty much better than anything.  Well.  It is not quite better than a squirrel carrying a hamburger wrapper right in front of me with my lead being not securely fastened.  The "camping" words are almost that awesome.  Almost.
February 2013:  LOOK!!!!  IT IS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS IS AWESOMENESS!!!!!!  Oh, and it is Cocoa Daisy paper.  And no sequins thank goodness.
April 2013:  It is a frame thingy.  With a picture of Boss and Big One being adorableness.  I just want to push them into the ocean and then pee on their heads.  Because I did not get to go to the "belize" place and it looks like it was funtastic.  Boss agrees that it was awesomeness.  Like this Pink Paislee paper from The ScrapRoom.  She is pretending to not notice the statement about peeing on their heads.  She is tired from being the "mom" word today so I am getting away with extra snotiness.  Yes, my tail is wagging.  A lot.  A LOT.
May 2013:  These are the friends-of-Boss and she says she loves them very muchness.  You can not see friend-the-tallandstately in this picture but she was everywhere that weekend.  In the refrigerator too, apparently.  I am confused by this but Boss promises a totally amazingness and hilarious pretty-paper-picture-story page that shows this.  And this paper is from the Paper Bakery, which Boss met when she was with her friends.  And bought.  The paper, not the friends.  They are apparently priceless.  ???
May 2013:  Okay, I am not longer a big fan of mom-of-Boss.  I did not know she was documenting this and ratting me out to Boss.  And to make it worse, Boss used all those stupid sequins from Cocoa Daisy again.  This is probably very bad for me.  Boss will not share her popcorn with me if I am hogging her chair and her blanket and her prayer shawl.  I think I need to use the puppy dog eyes again.  Oh, and maybe the "prayer" words would help. 

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