Monday, June 24, 2013

Boss Finally Finishes a Real Nice Yarn Thing... Finally

So you should have heard Boss just go crazy and get all squealy and girly when she finally finished a yarn thing.  And this is not just any yarn thing, this is a yarn thing that is nice.  I mean, really nice.  And that is really all I can say about it, not being much of an expert of the yarn things except that I just know there is a sheep around here somewhere and no matter how often I pull the yarn balls apart I just can not find the sheep.  But it is around here somewhere.  And I will keep looking.  Like you should be looking at these pictures of the really nice yarn thing!
This is the really nice yarn thing in the really nice yarn bowl that Big One sort of made for Boss.  I think I already explained the really nice yarn bowl thing once already, so you will have to just use your very awesomenest memory thing.  This was back when it was winter here and cold and everyone but me was happy.  Dude, I have like almost no hair!  And Boss has big cozy sweaters!  Made of sheep!
Boss takes the really nice yarn bowl everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  This picture looks like she let Player drive the car but it is not true.  He is only 12, which is a very fine age but not for driving apparently.  Boss says Player is going to be "interesting" to see drive as he gets distracted by shiny squirrels and stuff whilst mowing.  (Did you notice that?  I have developed a very delightful british accent!  I said "whilst"!)  Oh, and if you squint really hard, you can see Talker playing baseball in the rain.  Which is why Boss and Player are in the car.  Making a really nice yarn thing.
This is the really nice yarn thing that is somehow a block.  ???  I know.  Apparently Boss was worried and nervous about making the really nice yarn thing blocked and stuff.  But it turns out that it just means getting the really nice yarn thing wet and then letting it dry.  Which seems like a bloody well lot of effort that is unnecessary.  (Hee hee!  I said "bloody" like an english bulldog would!)
The really nice yarn thing.  Again.  Crikey!  (Oh, what?  That is an australian word?  Huh, look at me, I am a bilingual dog!)
Boss.  Hotness.  No, really, literally.  It was like 85 degrees that day.  And that is in fahrenheit.  So I can speak american, too!  Boss would like to point out that she can wear the very nice yarn thing like a scarf, or a cowl, or a very nice yarn thing.  Which seems intuitive to me, but maybe not everyone is as brilliant and trilingual like me. 
P.S.  Boss says you can read more about this very nice yarn thing over at the project page of Boss over at  If you like very nice yarn things, you will very much like the very nice ravelry.  Blimey!  *snicker*

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  1. LOVE the yarn thing. Especially the color! :)
    And Boss looks fantastic! Still loving her haircut.