Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July at The ScrapRoom!

Yes, it is July at The ScrapRoom.  And actually here too.  Funny how the calendar is a universal thing, yes?  (That was sarcasticness from me.  I am full of piss and vinegar says Boss.  But I think I am only full of one of those things actually.)

As usual, there is much goodness to show you when new stuffses come to The ScrapRoom.  You can go to the gallery and see it all, but I will show you my favorite pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards.  Funny how my favorite ones are all the ones made by Boss, yes?  (That was cuteness from me.  Boss says I am adorbs and she would like to give me some pepperoni now!  Oh, yeah, I am amazingness!)

Remember, you can click the picture things to make them bigger.  It is very much easierness to read that way.
Bella Blvd All American:  So Boss has two problems.  One problem is that she does not have any pictures that match this paper.  I know, right?  But if you lived here, you would know that all of the peoples in the house wear orange, safety green, pink, and brown.  Not very attractiveness with this paper.  The other problem is that Boss saves the oddest stuffses for her pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  Boss once wrote down 10 things that defined her life.  On 10/10/10, actually.  Which is kind of neat in a nerdy sort of way.  And then saved it.  And when you add the two problems together, you get this pretty-paper-picture-story page! 
Bella Blvd All American:  So you can see that Boss is really sneaky lazy, right?  She says thrifty creative, but I am onto her.  This is a card for our awesome God-kid Alex.  Happy Birthday, awesome God-kid Alex!
Teresa Collins Summer Stories + The ScrapRoom Sketch:  Boss loved this kit a lot.  A LOT.  She says you need to buy it.  Right now.  RIGHT NOW.  She especially loved the colors, patterns, die cuts, and... okay, all of it.  But especially the die cuts because the same stuffses was printed on the back side of everything except the word parts.  So Boss could use one side or the other side and she squealed the very girly girl that she is when she saw that!
Teresa Collins Summer Stories:  Oh, yes.  This one.  Big One is not happy about this pretty-paper-picture-story page at all.  AT ALL.  He was unhappy when it happened and I think he is still somewhat tender and emotional about it.
Teresa Collins Summer Stories:  A beautiful card by Boss for a beautiful friend-of-Boss.  It had to have pinkness on it for it to be good, and it does so it is.
July ScrapRoom Project Life Kit:  In case you did not know that Boss is a very nerdy girly girl, this teeny pretty-paper-picture-story page will prove it two times.  One proof is that Boss took a picture of a chemical refinery and said the "cool" word.  I was in the van when we drove by.  It was seriously not that cool.  The other proof is that Boss made this pocket page thing herself with a regular page protector thing and a soldering iron.  I know, right????  Boss is amazingness.  Nerdy, but amazingness.

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