Monday, June 17, 2013

I Am A Lazy Dog

Or perhaps a busy dog.  But either way, I have gotten the "complacent" word with my blog posts.  But I am still working on my vocabularyisms because knowing the goodest words and the bestest grammar will get you very farther in this world!

I think I just made the eyes of Boss cross.  Oh, that makes my tail wag.  A lot.  A LOT!  And so do all the things I have been doing.  Or not doing.  Actually, it is all the things that I have been doing that is making do all the nothing afterwards.  It is very hard to go camping and hiking and worrying about where all my people go every night after dinner without also having to do a lot of napping.  And I do mean a lot of napping.  A LOT.

So Boss will be making lots of pretty-paper-picture-story pages when she finally stays home longer than to eat and sleep.  Yes, this house is turning into a smelly messy place and I am very proud of Boss for making such a wonderful place for us all to hang out.  It is wonderfully delightfully smelly and disgusting here.  What?  Oh!  Boss says that we should keep this awesomeness to ourselves and to be sure to mention that you are not invited over here at all.  AT ALL.  She says that once baseball season ends life will return to normal.  But until then, you better have lots of cookies to even make it through the door.  Or, what?  No.  Boss says yarn will work as a bribe too but I find that disturbing to eat.  It gets stuck in my teeth.  Not attractive.

Oh!  But that reminds me!  What *is* attractive are the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages and cards Boss made last month for The ScrapRoom that I forgot to show you two weeks ago.  This is actually spectacularous timing on my part because it makes it look like Boss is very actively making great stuff right now.  Besides the great smelly mess that is the house right now.

Pebbles Lakeside:  FOR REALS????  Yes, that is correct.  Boss made a pretty-paper-picture-story page featuring the back of our most excellent God-daughter and this new cat.  I am absolutely disgusted.  About the cat.  I am very fond of our most excellent God-daughter.  She feeds me popcorn and has forgiven me for peeing on her head.  I know, right?  I had no idea that she would be giving me popcorns later.  I am somewhat embarrassed by the whole peeing thing. 
Pebbles Lakeside:  Again a pretty-paper-picture-story page featuring the back of our most excellent God-daughter.  Fortunately, this new cat is NOT in the pictures.  Although there is a fish.  And I am sure Boss did not bring it home to be appropriately rolled on. 
Pebbles Lakeside:  Cards and clever envelopes.  Um, I have some issues with describing the envelopes as clever... it is only Boss sticking postcard print paper on top of envelopes that she already had.  I do not call this clever.  I call it somewhat lame.
WRMK For The Record and The ScrapRoom June Sketch:  Awwwww, look!  It is my most adorable Player!  And half of Talker!  Oh dear.  I wonder where the rest of him went?  Um.  I am concerned that if the bat crazy cat sees this pretty-paper-picture-story page, she will begin with the crazy theories about body snatching and organ harvesting and alien pod people and such.  It has been relatively quiet around here.  Which makes me think that we are about due for some bizarre conspiracy theory and this pretty-paper-picture-story page just might set the bat crazy off.
WRMK For The Record:  Boss made these pretty-paper-picture-story pages and learned a lot.  A LOT.  She even explains all of her learning things in this blog post here.  Boss even wrote that blog post herself!  Yes, she is getting the "older and wiser" words.  And Boss says this is her favorite pretty-paper-picture-story pages this month.  Which is ironical as it uses yellow (which she is not a fan of) and is 12x12 (which she is also not a fan of) and has pixlr-o-matic photos (which I am not a fan of).
WRMK For The Record:  So this card embarrasses Boss.  Mr. Larry had a birthday and a Day of Fathers and this card is still here.  Boss is mortified.  And she will mail it.  Soon.  Whenever she comes home...
June Project Life Kit from The ScrapRoom:  Really?  This new cat makes another appearance with the bat crazy cat.  I am not impressed.  Where am I?
June Project Life Kit from The ScrapRoom:  Well.  This is slightly better.  There are tasty shoe-shaped leather treats and Player.  And stupid robin birds.  I know they are stupid.  I watch them.  And then I fall asleep because I can not bear to watch how not smart they are.
June Project Life Kit from The ScrapRoom:  More no pictures of me.  Moving on.
June Project Life Kit from The ScrapRoom:  Really?  Is this the best Boss can do?  I am a very very very important member of this family!  I demand justice!!!!  And equal picture time.  At least equal to the bat crazy cat.  I mean, really?

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